Next Generation of Consoles The Last?

A recent tweet by Geoff Keighley linking a photo of a presentation made at SXSW by Michael Pachter, shows a slide detailing points as to why this next generation of consoles, which essentially soft launched with the Wii U, is going to “possibly” be the last.

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classic2001871d ago

Everything was going good until you think touch screen gaming without buttons would kill gaming lool. Trust me if apple tried to come into the industry they would bring a dedicated controller for the apple tv.

regardless of inferior technology in side the wiiu, Nintendo is already showing how much touch screen gaming is inferior to dedicated buttons fusing with touch screen for extra options.

JsonHenry1871d ago

I think consoles will come to an end at some point in the near future as a certain level of graphic fidelity is so cheap it is built into your Television sets or Internet 2.0 is fast enough to stream content with minimal latency.

The next big battle will be services like STEAM vs Origin vs vs UbiUplay sort of thing.

HammadTheBeast1870d ago

Nah, people said same thing about this Gen.

BitbyDeath1870d ago

"so cheap it is built into your Television"

That'd only kill off PC's as every TV would have a different spec meaning consoles would still be req'd for gaming.

iPad1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

I think when consoles become like PCs in terms of upgrading the RAM, CPU, GPU, motherboard all by yourself that's when it'll be the last generation of consoles.

Companies won't need to bring out new consoles ever 5-6 years since we can upgrade them ourselves.

Dj7FairyTail1870d ago

LOL dude Wii U Gamepad is a Standard Controller with just a Screen in the middle.

Even though Wii U allows you to use multiple controllers and have 5 players.
Wii U Gamepad
Pro Controller
Wiimote 4
Classic Controller/Pro
Wii Wheel
Balance Board
Wii Zapper

Multiple accessories supported while
PS4 can't even you Dual Shock 3.

Can't even play or transfer over PS3 save datas.
Unlike Wii U you can bring over all of you Wii, Wiiware and VC datas. Go in Wii Mode which functions like the ENTIRE Wii System. Two System in one.

browland11871d ago

I don't think that Apple is going to be the console killer, but I think it will force publishers and developers to be more competitive once the mobile/tablet market starts eating their lunch. Console gaming, with all it's DLC and microtransactions, is going to become cost prohibitive one day. Added to which, having to compete by selling $60 games next to the $2 ones get on your iPad. However, the hardcore gamers will prefer their controllers and keyboards, so I see PC gaming as being more of a formidable competitor in the long term.

As for the Wii U's "poor performance", I'm not surprised. Their launch roster wasn't very strong, and we've become wiser in the 5 years since the motion control gimmick was introduced. I feel it will be profitable in the long run, but only after a solid library of games has been cemented.

PopRocks3591871d ago

Nah, the market would not crash so suddenly. You would need a string of failures to lead up to that kind of ultimatum. It happened with the first industry crash prior to the NES' release and it also happened when Sega went third party.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1871d ago

Like I said...


Everyz console iz teh DOOMEDED!

They are dying one by one- even before they are released!

I think it is the Ghost of Dreamcast! =-O"

Dreamcast has come back for revenge...

(In other words... No this is not the END of Consoles)

arbitor3651871d ago

apple is not going to kill consoles. their IOS market is completely separate. no one is suddenly going

"hey! I no longer care aboug uncharted and halo. instead, im going to sell my PS3/xbox and get an iphone and play nothing but IOS games like angry birds"

that isnt not happening. apple will never take a chunk out of the hardcore market

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