OXCGN’s Tomb Raider Review


"The latest entry into the franchise, simply titled Tomb Raider, aims to reboot the ailing series, detailing the beginnings of the young Lara Croft.

And it succeeds.

Developer Crystal Dynamics, along with publisher Square Enix, have injected the once popular Tomb Raider series with new life.

Tomb Raider successfully reappropriates the franchise for a new generation of gamers thanks to updated mechanics, along with two very important things: a believable main character and a well-told story."

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Proeliator1870d ago

This game is utterly fantastic!

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1870d ago

Lara looks uttlerly fantastic ;)

gaminoz1870d ago

It's good they decided to look at what they were doing and see if there was a way to add depth to the series.

Looks awesome.

BadCircuit1870d ago

Story-driven narrative can really help interest in a game.

I'm glad Lara is more than a set of pretty...bazingas now.

DeusExer1870d ago

Such a great example of how to revamp a tired series.

Excited for the Tomb Raider future.

Blacklash931870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

I hope they focus on more complex puzzles in the future. The ones present were good for what they were, but relatively straightforward. But in way they were better than the "Pull a switch and get to the other side of the room before times runs out." kinda deal.

The combat and gameplay evolution, atmostphere/tone, and revision of Lara herself are all fantastic, though. There's even a semi-open design to several of the environments giving a decent amount of room to explore. I'm very satisfied with this game.

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