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20 Mind-Blowing New The Last of Us Screenshots

The horrific realism in The Last of Us is one of the reasons why critics and fans alike have fallen in love with Naughty Dog’s latest creation. From the painstaking details that make up the character models and the macabre infected to the stunning cityscapes reclaimed by nature. (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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Makasu  +   750d ago
Freaking amazing details.
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Enemy  +   750d ago
Lmao @ new. These are all months old.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   749d ago
they're showing the ps4 gameplay version.
Minato-Namikaze  +   749d ago
@army tough to swallow that this is running on PS3 hardware huh, lol
FATAL1TY  +   749d ago
★ GOTY ★
Razmossis  +   749d ago

Graphics = GOTY ?

I'm not slagging, the game looks promising, but I'm putting my GOTY bet on Bioshock or GTAV.
Derekvinyard13  +   749d ago
These pics are old
djtek184  +   749d ago
Thank you Naughty Dog.
miyamoto  +   744d ago
Truth be told!

Huge Uncharted fan here.... but this game graphics blows Uncharted 3 graphics out of the water!

just look at Ellie's fingers

FFXIII's Lightning can not compare
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   749d ago
Wow these literally blew my mind -_-
boldstarr  +   749d ago
The Power of the Cell
LocutusEstBorg  +   749d ago
LMAO prerendered shots rendered 1 frame at a time directly from the engine instead of live gameplay. The live version will look like SHIT in comparison.
Conzul  +   749d ago
Aww, looks like SOMEONE didn't watch the 15-minute gameplay previews.

I feel bad for you.
Temporary  +   749d ago
someone sounds butt-hurt :)
Walker  +   749d ago
This is best looking game ever made !
lapiopoop  +   749d ago
This game might be the best game that I might play this whole year
charted  +   749d ago
The screenshot in the forest where the sun is rising over the trees?

Mind blown!!

panbit86  +   750d ago
Absolutely stunning!
LocutusEstBorg  +   749d ago
LMAO they're just prerendered single frames from the enging running at 0.001 FPS. Live game will look NOTHING like that and will be jaggy, blurry and ugly as sin.
panbit86  +   749d ago
Yeah right, because all the videos released so far are nothing like these screenshots...smdh...
AKS  +   749d ago
Every time Naughty Dog makes a new game someone claims that early footage is faked in some way, but when the game is released, it looks pretty close to what they had been showing all along. You think this particular time will be dramatically different?
Welshy  +   749d ago

100% agree.

Remember when the plane crash desert scene screenshots were first released for Uncharted 3 the internet went into uproar with "That is never running on PS3!", "There's way too much detail in that scene for it to be ingame", "look at the textures and shadows, that's clearly concept art!".

Those guys were left pretty red faced when they released actual in-game footage of that very scene looking practically identical barely weks later.

Looks like there's a bunch of people for some reason STILL doubting Naughty Dog have the talent to blow our minds even this late in the generation.

Naughty Dog ftw! Can't wait to see what the Uncharted 2 half of ND have been doing for the past couple of years on the PS4!
ICECREAM  +   749d ago

you don't belong here, go play with your dolls.
black911  +   750d ago
This is why I think it's too soon for PS4. PS3 still has alot of life let in it.
Zerotino  +   750d ago
Not sure why all the disagrees on your comment honestly, the graphical achievement on this game proves the PS3 is still alive and kicking.
nosferatuzodd  +   749d ago
NeoTribe  +   749d ago
Sure sonys linier naughy dog games look amazing but some people are tired of ps3s lack of ram making certain games run choppy. Skyrim, fallout, gta and such. Thats why an upgrade is long overdue.
RioKing  +   749d ago
The disagrees came from the fact that black911 stated he thinks it's too early for PS4. Sure the PS3 definitely has plenty of life left in it, but that doesn't change the fact that many people are ready for MORE.
panbit86  +   750d ago | Well said
Yes but all the other developers can't keep up with Naughty Dog's visual quality. Why? Because ND is LEGEN-fuckin'(wait for it)-DARY!
gameonbro   749d ago | Spam
delboy  +   749d ago
Just as linear as Crash Bandicot from ps1.
Anyone remember, it looked great on ps1 hardware, because it was linear.
Same goes for Uncharted and Last of Us.

If you want to see real graphics capabilities of a system take a look at open world games.
You cant cheat with open world games, you need gpu and cpu power for those.
No fixed camera like in GoW (RE says halo) or predictive gpu load for linear stuff like in Uncharted.
The_Infected  +   749d ago
So what if the PS3 had life left in it. Bring ND to PS4 and you'll see why next gen is going to be mind blowing.
GearSkiN  +   749d ago
yea but if u think about Naughty Dog was still limited on what PS3 can do coz you know they have crazy idea. cant wait for what they would show on PS4 (uncharted 4) (Last of US 2) hopefully!
user7693958  +   749d ago
if you are pleased by this good for you it does look good but I want new and better tech.. even a PS2 game could still look "good" but without new tech games like TLOU will have never seen the light so stfu and stop bi#@$%@ about it.


plus hte PS4 should have been out by know so why the f#$% you complain?
is not like Sony is bringing the PS4 3 or 4 years after the PS3.

ps. day one for TLOU!
nosferatuzodd  +   749d ago
we can all understand that i just want the ps4 to be online day 1 4bragging rights lol
ILive  +   749d ago
Beyond looks better than this. Beyond is the epitome of what the PS3 can do. Its still a good looking game, however. The engine is starting to show its age though when looking at the gameplay graphics. These are cutscene graphics. We all know ND excell at this.
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BinaryMind  +   749d ago
Even Epic said recently they could still push more out of the 360. Imagine what more could be pushed out of the PS3.
Irishguy95  +   749d ago
But it's linear. I want this level of graphics in open games.
Evil-snuggles  +   749d ago
Irishguy yOu Are delusional if you think the x 360 Could pull of graphics like this I own both an PS3 first party games can't be done on then Xbox 360 the the character models are twice as details On PS3 than Xbox 360
prejur  +   750d ago
wow @ those gibs. Naughty Dog are extraordinarily talented!
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   750d ago
are these ps4 graphics?, :)
Braid  +   750d ago
Actually you might be right, I'm still expecting a PS4 version announcement. I mean look at those screens... Even though I know that PS3 did wonders in terms of graphics with exclusive games, I find it hard to believe that those screens are taken from a current-gen console.

And better yet, if it's indeed the Playstation 3 version we're looking at here, I can't even imagine what Naughty Dog could do with the Playstation 4. Even Deep Down could be surpassed, man it's going to be an awesome generation...
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   749d ago
It does look too good to be true.
Like the strains of blood coming from one of the infected's leg, I don't think the PS3 could achieve that it looks like PS4 stuff.
Maybe the pics have been photo shopped a bit?
JONESY6  +   749d ago
Don't forget the PS3 can't do 1080p.
Braid  +   749d ago

Natively, no, it can't. It can upscale games to 1080p, though. As an example, if you play MGS4, you'll notice that your TV screen is actually working in 1080p mode while the game itself natively runs at 1024x768. This may be a similar case.
RedSoakedSponge  +   750d ago
anyone think they might surprise us and say The Last Of Us is also on PS4?

these screenshot look just so incredible it wouldnt surprise me!
Conzul  +   750d ago
I hope so. If there's even a hint that TLoU will be on PS4, I'm waiting till then. Wanna experience this masterpiece in higher quality :D
Hanso  +   749d ago
yeah me too ill wait half a year
Veneno  +   749d ago
They wouldnt launch Last of US on PS4 if it wasnt simultaneous with PS3. And Sony doesnt have a history of doing cross generation releases for their games. Ps3 to Vita doesnt count. Neith3r does HD remakes.
Makasu  +   749d ago
This is Sony's big marquee title together with Beyond (BEYOND!) for the PS3, there is NO way this is coming for PS4, that would destroy they message this year. However, these guys are all ready busy working with PS4 tech, and have been for over a year, so for fans of Naughty Dog, this year AND next year will be amazing!
greenpowerz   750d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
SOD_Delta  +   750d ago
June can't come any sooner.
ps3vita4life  +   750d ago
Wow! All of those screenshots are stunning! Ellie`s eyes look so freaking real in the 5th screenshot. The infected look scary as hell! I wish I had a time machine :(
daggertoes83  +   749d ago
lol. As much as i want this game and it is a day one buy for me, if i had a time machine i would not be using it to play video games. I would be trying to make the money.
Bathyj  +   749d ago
Yeah, to buy videogames. ;)
baj  +   750d ago
That's it. I'm gonna back and boot up God of War: Ascension so I can stare the countdown for the Last of Us demo. Bah.
Makasu  +   749d ago
Speaking of GoW, wow do you think the graphics will compare between these two games? Both being linear to a point, and both great developers that can push this tech to the max?
Genuine-User  +   750d ago
All of these are screen grabs from a trailer that was released last year.
Makasu  +   749d ago
No they are not.
Genuine-User  +   749d ago
Yes they are.

I have been following this game, I know what I'm talking about.

darthseth24  +   749d ago
@Genuine-user Everything in that trailer is in game engine.
RyuCloudStrife  +   749d ago
you got owned!!
rezzah  +   749d ago
I meant to agree. I checked it for myself and every picture can be found in that trailer.
Makasu  +   749d ago
A screengrab from a trailer and an in-game screenshot are two VERY different things. If you can't see the difference between a simple blurry screengrab of a trailer and a high res screenshot I don't know what to tell you :)
rezzah  +   749d ago
I associated the words "screen grab" with "picture" since I didn't know what screen grab was exactly. I didn't think twice about it, just replaced it with the word "picture"; you can see me use it in 11.2.

I knew there was a difference, but I thought you disagreed to the image in the pictures not being in the trailer. The difference is the resolution.

I misunderstood the word, just as you misunderstood my comment. The difference between details of the images to the trailer was obvious to me; I just didn't know of any words to categorize it.
Eyesoftheraven  +   749d ago | Well said
'No gods or kings. Only Naughty Dog.'
#12 (Edited 749d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
nice reference
WarThunder  +   749d ago
Man this game looks stunning! Thats what i call perfect modeling, sculpting, lightning and texturing!

This will probably be the best looking game this gen a longside Crysis 3 (PC version) and Metro: Last night (PC version)!

I need to rebuy a PS3!!!
LKHGFDSA  +   749d ago
I still prefer the original Ellie model.
she's got Golum eyes now.
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baj  +   749d ago | Funny
But the original is in Beyond now ;)
Eyesoftheraven  +   749d ago
No we know that next gen Naughty Dog is going to create actual new life.
clintagious650  +   749d ago
This is why I Believe SSM when they say give us those specs and we will blow you away, I mean this is a ps3 game from Naughty Dog & look how INSANELY GOOD those body parts look, it looks REAL. I can only IMAGINE what SSM, ND, GG can bring to the table on the ps4.
leogets  +   749d ago
does look good,naughty dog artists are better than vangof,or however the fuck u spell it.imagine what the could achieve on a supercharged PC architecture otherwise known as the pee ESS froarrrrr!!
latincooker214  +   749d ago
Like i said before my vote for Goty:)
isarai  +   749d ago
These are pretty old, makes me even more excited to see how the final game will look.
Indo  +   749d ago
I want to believe the PS3 is maxed out, but Naughty Dog is making that hard to believe. If this amount of detail can be achieve on a 6 year old PS3, then it be scary good to see what the PS4 can do with so much power. All these new games coming out for the PS3 will surely please me until the PS4 comes out.
yeiuoisdf   749d ago | Spam
Hazmat13  +   749d ago
this is damn good for as PC gamers say "very old tech" the polygon count is big and for beyond 2 souls and there count, i cant imagine the count for future PS4 titles. and what naughty dog for use in the new generation.
RE_L_MAYER  +   749d ago
I think picture 5 from the top is the ending of a game from my understanding and from the trailer released not long ago.....wont get into details bug if its tru and she is doing what I think she is doing then its a terrible spoiler
Oh and I still remember that you changed girls face from first trailer because it looked to much like hellen page you bastartds
younglj01  +   749d ago
Seriously this is PS3 tech?
ufo8mycat  +   749d ago
Wow okay so the graphics are amazing - so what? I'll wait to see if the game is any good and fun gameplay wise before deciding.

Crysis 3 on PC has amazing visuals, yet I struggled to complete it because the gameplay was so incredibly average, though considering this is Naughty Dog we are talking about, it's safe to say the gameplay will be brilliant.

I'm just saying though, don't be fooled by graphics, like Crysis 3.

I know this is Naughty Dog and all (Naighty Dog = awesome gameplay), but yeah.
#25 (Edited 749d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
RE_L_MAYER  +   749d ago
Im never fooled by graphics...I can still go play persona on ps2 or shadow of the collossus or fatal frame oand some playstation 1 games are very awesome as well-its all in the gameplay
taquito  +   749d ago
lol....please say no one here is actually dumb enough to think this is what the game will look like

(watch in 720p fullscreen, THAT is what the game looks like)

if those screens were real, which they are NOT, there would be jaggies everywhere like every ps3/360 game

those BULLSHOTS are taken from the pc code, in WAYYY higher resolutions than the ps3 could ever dream of supporting, with WAYYY higher levels of AA and AF than the ps3 could ever dream of supporting

lol and some of it is CONCEPT ART, its a drawing....lol....people are sheep

how do you guys forget all the FAKE screens ND loves to show, they're as bad as Epic with fake gears screenshots
#26 (Edited 749d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
BitbyDeath  +   749d ago
Correction, that is what the game looked like a year ago. Improvements would obviously have been made since then.
MasterCornholio  +   749d ago
Bueno Taquito, veo que no te gusta la idea que el último de nosotros tiene muy buena pint. Pero no puedo culparte por eso porque tu cerebero está lavado por Microsoft.

BTW i responded you in spanish because your user name sounds south american to me. I would say Mexican would be the most obvious choice.

But anyways if the last of us looks this good on 7 year old hardware just imagine what Naughty Dog will do with the PS4.
DeletedAcc  +   749d ago
Old but gold
goldwyncq  +   749d ago
The graphics look so amazing it almost seems like a ps4 launch title.
RE_L_MAYER  +   749d ago
Haha my thoughts exactly the same
SDF Repellent  +   749d ago
My most anticipated game this year thus far. I am still mad the Demo was delayed till May. Should be an epic adventure.
Scenarist  +   749d ago
if these are real time graphics ..shit

i almost wish they would have used a next iteration cell chip in ps4 ....
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