Steam Box Could Expand PC Gaming By Several Magnitudes, Says MSI

Gaming Blend "Killer Technology and MSI recently announced a collaboration of bring Killer's E2200 Ethernet technology to MSI's Gaming Motherboard setup, giving gamers a two birds for one stone sort of deal. During a press pre-briefing, Gaming Blend was given the opportunity to talk with MSI and Killer about their collaboration, as well as any possibilities of making the new hardware more Steam Box-friendly."

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Well MSI and killer are both reliable companies as far as PC gaming. I could very well see a good prediction or even product from them that i would trust.

aliengmr1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

"Steam-box" is not a single piece of hardware its more of a goal or venture that will take years.

Valve is not releasing a console. Part of their overall plan is to have a "console-like" PC for the living room. Pushing Linux is another part and so is streaming games from a powerful PC anywhere in your home.

Valve is trying to move PC gaming in a different direction. They are NOT creating a single closed system that will directly compete with consoles.