‘The Last of Us’ pre-order deal upgraded by Amazon

Amazon has upgraded their pre-order deal for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive survival-horror action-adventure video game from Naughty Dog, “The Last of Us.”

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jakmckratos1958d ago

$10 credit for their Instant video service. Not awful but I don't necessarily care for bonuses not related to the game

Soldierone1958d ago

Stupid government hurt Amazon. I had to pay 4 dollars tax on top of shipping since I let Prime expire..... Ended up paying over 70 dollars for a game. They also messed up super saver shipping, I used to get games fast. I didn't get my last game till a week later....

I still love Amazon for other things, but for games I want on release day I think I'm going elsewhere unless they bring back 99 cent release day delivery. For a person that ships a lot on Ebay, media mail isn't that expensive.

kingmushroom1958d ago

i know bro, im paying like $90.00 for the collectors. It used to be so cool not paying tax

ill be using the $10 credit for Bioshock:infinite.

Reverent1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

If you mean the $10 credit from buying The Last of Us, you won't be able to use it to help buy another game. It's for their instant video service, nothing else.

Ilovetheps41958d ago

I'm just wondering, but which state do you live in? My state still is tax free for Amazon. They actually passed a bill that allowed Amazon to stay tax free. And as for the shipping, I have Prime, so I get it either the next day or two days later. But, my friend who doesn't have Prime usually gets his games in about four days. I hate that you are having such bad service with Amazon.

Soldierone1958d ago

Arizona, they just forcefully passed the law to force Amazon to start collecting taxes. They threw a fit about it.

They also have a shipping center here, so it doesn't make sense. The last game I bought with Super Saver they literally held on to it for several days, then shipped it. I get stuff the next day when they finally ship it, they just hold it forever. It used to be super fast either way.

I just have no point in buying Prime right now, especially since I'll have to pay taxes anyways. Like I said i still use Amazon for everything else, but if I want a launch day game I'll just go to gamestop.

sdozzo1958d ago

Pay your bills... Rat.

Heisenburger1958d ago

:( I'm sorry you had a bad day.....

isyourhouseonfire1958d ago

This game has turned out to be such disappointment. I just don't think extra incentives can save it now!

GamersRulz1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? the game hasn't released yet!!

rezzah1958d ago

What is so disappointing about it?

And what were your expectations?

DigitalRaptor1958d ago

C'mon guys, comment history...

rezzah1957d ago

I know, but asking questions to expand on their reasoning corners them; only if they wish to say more.

By avoiding simple reasonable questions makes their intent even more obvious to the passive eye. This way people can mark them and likely ignore future comments.