Project C.A.R.S: Community Screenshots Gallery

Over 70 new community screenshots.

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WarThunder1957d ago


Ill have Project cars and GT6 for me please!

phanom1957d ago

The screenshots look nice but the YouTube gameplay videos that I have seen are really not on par with a screenshos as far as quality goes. I am starting to suspect that we may be getting 1 side of the project cas story here. The developers need to start releasing gameplay videos along with the screenshots. I am sure I'm not the only 1 but people are not going plunk down 60 dollars if the suspicions are not put to rest.

ryan4611957d ago

The gameplay video quality is stunning. I'd say its definitely on par with the screenshots. oof course you cannot pick out the exact same details from the movement of a video as you can in a screenshot. There's also the fact that youtube typically downgrades the quality of video.

aliengmr1957d ago

You might have a point if this were a traditionally developed game, but it wasn't.

Much of the videos and screenshots are from the community, which have had access to the game at various stages for maybe a year or more.

I am sure there are gamers on this site that have actually played it, you could ask them.

cyguration1956d ago

The screenshots are from the community and videos are from the community.

It's literally: What you see is what you get.

lilbroRx1957d ago

Going by the pre alpha video's I've seen, the Wii U version is going to be awesome.