Pach-Attack: Nintendo The Next Sega?

GT:Is Nintendo’s stake in the console market in jeopardy? Pachter gives us the rundown, no punches held. Plus, what’s the sitrep with Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines?

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BullyMangler1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

the more of these articles get approved, the more of a goomba this schmachter will sound. Especially once Nintendos REAL wiiU games get shown . . yesS!

and also him saying . i THINK this and i THINK that, i GUESS this I GUESS that = unsure of what flies out of his mouth = faiLure .

and plus, this man prochter THINKS the wiiU is making 5-10 dollars profit . . lets say the wiiU was making 1$ dollar profit, and the systems sells 100,000 units = how much intake?, off of just one dollar? . um hmm . . ah eh ohh . what a schmuck

MultiConsoleGamer1809d ago

Pachter is a pundit and his opinions are motivated by personal loyalty and financial obligation.

Y_51501809d ago

was he sort of defending Alien colonial marines? I know it's far from over for Nintendo to stop making consoles business. Pachter kept talking about Nintendo's formula is not working as well anymore. it's still working!

BigStef711809d ago

I don't agree because look what happened to Sega once they quit the hardware business. They went downhill and so did the quality of their first party games.The Dreamcast was an amazing system that showed Segas' ability to make great hardware. I hope someday they will return and make the Dreamcast 2

NYC_Gamer1809d ago

Sega is making more profit by being software only.. Its doubtful they will ever return to the hardware market again because of the loses it brings..

BigStef711809d ago

No doubt that is true but I miss the days when Sega had an big impact on the industry. My ultimate dream is for them to announce Dreamcast 2 with Sonic Adventure 3 as a launch title made by the original members of the Sonic Team from the 90s(mainly Yuji Naka,Naoto Ōshima,and Hirokazu Yasuhara)

maniacmayhem1809d ago

You have to blame Sega for their own downfall. They were riding high but made so many bad decisions that you have to wonder if the person was even competent.

The 32x launching months before the Saturn?

The Saturn getting a surprise launch while 3rd party studios didn't even know.

Sega of Japan limiting Sega of America with knowledge of the Saturn and it's tech.

Mere months after the launch of the Saturn the announcement of the Dreamcast.

And Ps2 coming with DVD playback.

Sega murdered themselves and I haven't even listed all the reasons. There should seriously be a documentary on the colossal f*** up that Sega did.

classic2001809d ago

HAHA I laugh hard reading these mistakes.

But I think the arcade mentality of bringing new machines to the table was the influence they had, this is pretty much how arcade gaming was back then. New machine for this racing game and that fighting game, boom announce something else for the future shortly. Sega was treating there console almost completely as a world to it self not even nintendo can compare with them when it comes to anti third party.

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The story is too old to be commented.