'SimCity' may eventually go offline to "earn back your trust"

Head of Maxis Lucy Bradshaw has taken over the SimCity Twitter account for a 45-minute period in an attempt answer any and all quandaries people have about the city simulator. Using the hastag "AskLucy," Twitter users have been throwing more burning questions at Lucy than can be counted, but one answer she recently Tweeted has grabbed some serious attention

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Hydrolex1991d ago

yea if they make it offline,

make the maps bigger, this would be an AWESOME game...seriously, way to ruin a nice game

ProjectVulcan1991d ago

The game itself is good. It absolutely does need bigger maps however, desperate for a bit more room even with the idea of taking over lots of cities.

If they can just get the servers stable and double the size of the cities I would be ultra addicted.

HammadTheBeast1991d ago

The whole reason for smaller "specialized" cities is to force you into multiplayer which is bullsh**. Sure, you could make 16 different cities, but all other cities but the one you're using is frozen in time.

pompombrum1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Sadly, if they announced next week that they will let people play offline, I'd pick the game up. I don't support EA's greedy decisions but this game does look fun but I certainly won't buy it while the always online function is there.

Still, EA execs will be fuming at her for saying this come Monday. Either she's saying it herself and trying to push for it or she has been lying about the overwhelming demand for the game and EA are sweating that the game isn't going to meet targets.

Root1991d ago

They said something along the lines of it would take "significant engineering" to get it offline

All I have to say to that is...get to work then

ZombieNinjaPanda1990d ago

"it would take significant engineering"

That's bullshit. I've seen the game demonstrated for several hours and the only multiplayer aspect can be accomplished by yourself.

Megaton1991d ago

So they have no intention of earning back anyone's trust right now, but maybe later if things get even worse.

Th4Freak1991d ago

So they want to win our trust again to stab us in the back later again? o_0

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The story is too old to be commented.