First English Tales of Xillia Footage Released

Hardcore Gamer: The video is notable as our first glimpse of the English HUD and, most importantly, the voice acting.

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Relientk771714d ago

Cannot wait for this game

day one

Army_of_Darkness1714d ago

After finishing Ni no kuni, I'm really craving another JRPG! like this one:-) graphics look decent compared to Ni NO, but looks good none the less!

Relientk771714d ago

Ni no Kuni was fantastic

and thats exactly right, time for another JRPG

Tales of Xillia

kenshiro1001714d ago

Looks like a really nice RPG. Can't wait for it.

pompombrum1714d ago

Release this game already!!!After Ni No Kuni I want more JRPGS! Lightning returns doesn't count.

RandomGamer1714d ago

I just want a release date already.

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The story is too old to be commented.