Japan getting an arguably neater Injustice boxart than the US and Europe

Warner Bros. intends to release Injustice: Gods Among Us in Japan with a different boxart than North America and Europe.

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cloud4951452d ago

Wow, the Japan box art is badass.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Except... once again... Batman is taking Superman's place at the forefront.

Though for the sake of the story I guess it makes sense.

yeahokchief1451d ago

Both look good to me. Doesn't matter. All i see is the splines on my shelf.

I like the design better for the US, but the artwork itself better for Japan.

colonel1791451d ago

I hate that in the US they always want to put floating heads in their covers/posters.

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Relientk771452d ago

Japan's boxart is definitely better

BanBrother1451d ago

It always is for some reason. Tales of Vesperia, Darksiders to name a couple. Just go to, find a game, click into it and under images it will have the box art for every region. Japan always gets the Kickass cover. Good luck to them I suppose, I'm jealous.

parkerpeters1452d ago

what else is new. Japan always gets the best art.

Blaze9291452d ago

maybe because they have better artists...

nosferatuzodd1451d ago

indeed look at their animes

Oh_Yeah1451d ago

It's probably because Japan cares a lot about how something is packaged and presented. There's a whole wrapping culture over there.. so it takes more to catch their eye and sell them something.. Where as most Americans and Europeans just want a good game and really arnt bothered by how things like cover art look.

Krew_921451d ago

A nice big fat slap in the face to all the talented non-Japanese artists...

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Commander_TK1451d ago

Off-topic, but love your avatar. Biggest Oscar snub in history.

Y_51501452d ago

I can live with the US box art but man that JP cover is much better!

HonestDragon1452d ago

Aw man, that boxart is badass. It's way better than what we are getting. Still, I can live with what we're getting. The game looks amazing anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.