SimCity's botched launch: The best jokes and memes we've seen so far

GamesRadar - Yes, we know, last week we posted a list of the 111 best gaming memes as a finale to our weekly meme articles. But then... SimCity happened. And seriously, how could we resist? If you've been following SimCity's launch, then you're likely aware that owners are fuming over their inability to play thanks to its always-on DRM requirement and EA's overloaded servers. After a few days of silence EA finally came clean about the problems and promised SimCity buyers a free game later this month, but this comes after days of refusing refunds and pretending like the problem wasn't as wide-spread as it was. In the time since launch, gamers have put together hundreds of SimCity launch jokes, mocking images--and yes--memes (sorry, we couldn't resist).

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mistertwoturbo1897d ago

LOL my personal favorite is Joker.

"We Kill... The Cheetah"

fermcr1897d ago

LOL... number 6 is the best one for me. Priceless.

sjaakiejj1897d ago

Most of these things actually make me want to buy the game lol. I'll wait for the servers to be fixed though.

ApolloTheBoss1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

It would SO hilarious if Valve actually did that steam sale. Just a HUGE middle finger to EA lol.

pompombrum1897d ago

They should tbh, I'd buy at least one just for lolz

Rupee1897d ago

Tropico 3,4 are on sale right now for 75% off. Just bought the tropico 4 collectors edition for 9.99. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.