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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 1071d ago | article

Is Tomb Raider’s performance trouble the herald of things to come for Nvidia’s gamers?

PCG:AMD aren’t going to have to lift a finger, or spend a single dollar of their marketing budget, encouraging devs to code for their hardware anymore. Those developers are simply going to have to if they want to code for a next-gen platform. Meanwhile, Nvidia will have to spend a lot more cash, and parachute a lot more engineers into dev studios, to make sure these games are going to work well on their hardware. (AMD, Culture, NVIDIA, PC, Tomb Raider 2013)

2pacalypsenow  +   1071d ago
Nvidia has gotten less and less popular in games I remember when almost every game had the Nvidia the way its meant to be played . Now its AMD thats everywhere.
reynod  +   1071d ago
Check Hardocps driver comparison for the past year. Nvidia had more games running better at launch than AMD did.

Infact AMD has been crap for crossfire performance last year. With every other game getting drivers months later.
ginsunuva  +   1071d ago
AMD has been paying more recently for advertising in games because they realized their gpu quality is behind nvidia
ATi_Elite  +   1070d ago
The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!
This article is 100% Bull CRAP!!

Either the writer is just another Consoler who knows ZERO about PC Gaming or is just an eTool eWhoring for web hits!

either way this article is BLASPHEMY!!

Those who are REAL PC Gamers know that Nvidia has the best Driver Team PERIOD

It's Not an OPINION but it's a FACT written in Stone somewhere that Nvidia Driver's are flat-out Superior to AMD's by a country mile and then some. Proven time and time again and backed up by benchmarks.

I use both AMD and Nvidia and even though this time around AMD has a Better card Nvidia is still pumping out drivers almost weekly that improve performance of every major game released.

Sure in the past Nvidia was all about "TWIMTBP" Program but they seem to have slowed down on that and concentrated on their Tegra Chip BUT Nvidia's Driver team is still in place and their EGO is bigger than ever cause they know they got AMD's Driver team beat!

Nvidia is the Number 1 GPU for PC Gamers.
Intel is the Number 1 CPU for PC Gamers.

AMD is Number 2 on both fronts so doing what was necessary to gain business through the consoles was just a business deal as Nvidia and Intel really were not interested in consoles especially when a cell Phone or Tablet can move 100 million units in 2 or 3 years while a console might do it in 8 years.

Nvidia is trusted by PC Gamers every where and to even insinuate that Gamers are in trouble is CRAP and an insult to Nvidia!!!
ZidaneNL  +   1071d ago
One game comes along that goes really well with AMD cards and it immediately means Nvidia is in trouble? Yeah, seems legit.
CGI-Quality  +   1071d ago
Journalism at its finest.

OT: Uh, no.
NYC_Gamer  +   1071d ago
I'm sure Nvidia is already on the job with all new type of features and driver support
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Scenarist  +   1071d ago
I go with whatever is the best option..

I dont care for nvidida or amd ... I just want the best product..

past few years it has been nvidia.. before then it was ati ...

im waiting till the ps4 drops ..and then see whats on the horizon from both companies... and then decide what and when to purchase

edit: i think i replied to the wrong post ...oh well
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MontyQ  +   1071d ago
i dropped amd for nvidia and wont look back
FragMnTagM  +   1071d ago
I used to be an AMD fan, but I have had too many issues with their drivers over the years.

NVIDIA more often than not has had excellent driver support. Sure I have had a few hiccups here and there, but nothing like my AMD days.

AMD usually has more power for less money, but the drivers keep the cards from truly unleashing their power.

The drivers I just got for my 660ti has seen some remarkable performance boosts in some of the games I play.

Can't really speak to much about recent AMD cards as I haven't been keeping up with them. I hope the people that use them have better driver support now.
MontyQ  +   1071d ago
ya I went from a 5870 which was amzing at the time to 2 580s in sli as like 2 months after launch they were $300 after rebates and instore promo which at the time was insane and still is good i think for now times
MWH  +   1071d ago
got to love the article's picture, nicely expressive.
OpenGL  +   1071d ago
TressFX uses DirectCompute and so far all Kepler GPUs (aside from GK110 otherwise known as Titan) have had much poorer DirectCompute and OpenCL performance than their AMD GCN based counterparts. I'm not sure if the Tomb Raider issues are simply a result of Nvidia's generally worse compute performance, or simply the result of driver/software issues.

Either way, this advantage will likely be short lived when Maxwell releases next year assuming drivers and software updates don't correct the issue sooner.
kwyjibo  +   1071d ago
AMD should do fairly well next gen, if both unreleased consoles are going AMD - it'll be the default choice for developers.
SkyGamer  +   1071d ago
I prefer NVidia, but Radeon is good as well. I think that most PC games will shoot for NVidia as their default but multi-platform will opt for amd. Especially since Havok is the physics engine and the hardware in consoles. Either which way I am sure that NVidia will deliver.
papashango  +   1071d ago
I use whatever is the best bang for buck. Last gen I recommended the GTX 570. The 5870 before that.

This gen the best bang for budget card if your looking for the high end is a 7970. The headroom for overclocking is insane usually somewhere between 1100 and 1150mhz without touching the voltage.

I mean for the same price as a 680 you get a card that performs the same if not better in some games and have enough for high quality SSD drive.
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kainslayer  +   1071d ago
7950 is the sweetspot i think right between 670 and 680/7970 performance but with a little oc and your golden. I was an nvidia fanboy but now im going amd because they can have their 1000 $ paperweight and poor overclocker (titan) up their u know.I think 7970 was the gtx 570 of last gen .
p.s. i love my 570 920/2200
e-p-ayeaH  +   1070d ago
Nvidia is the best one for most games. AMD cards have better performance but it lacks the support.

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