The Escapist : Top 5 Final Fantasy Games

This week, Joshua talks about the best of the best in the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Relientk771509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

My favs are Final Fantasy VI-X those 5 are the best

Edit: forgot Final Fantasy Tactics, amazing game

NegativeCreepWA1509d ago

Good to see VI in it's rightful place.

chadwarden1509d ago

FF13 because Lightning is the best FF character.

CLOUD19831509d ago

FFVII not in No1 = EPIC FAIL!

FFVII have higher review scores, have sold 10 times more than FFVI & is by far the most popular & well loved FF by millions & millions of fans around the world also it is the undisputed "KING OF JRPGs" & the game who make popular the whole genre out of JPN so the fact that although this clown knows about all that already & still put VI over VII means that he is more clown even from Kefka himself.

maximus19851509d ago

i agree man. but when something is too good you have haters that must oppose it

ChipChipperson1509d ago

I'll give three of the five. VII, VIII, and IX. You can't deny that this was when the series was at its peak and of course, when Squaresoft was still around. VI definitely needs to be on there too.

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