Gi - Bloody Ultra Core 3 Gaming Mouse Review

Gi - The Bloody Ultra Core3 Gaming Mouse is a USB-wired device that is aimed specifically at FPS gamers, but can be used by any sort of PC gamer. The mouse offers a lightweight design, a two-layer lens, 200 to 3,200 DPI resolution, 368 megapixels/second and offers a tracking speed of 75-inches per second. The Core3 offers a braided cord and red lighting for the mouse-wheel and logo areas. The Bloody Ultra Core3 Gaming Mouse sells for $39.99 USD and proves to be a surprisingly accurate and responsive mouse for PC gaming.

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PhantomTommy2022d ago

How does it handle point 'n' click adventures?

profgerbik2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )


Razer Oourboros blows this thing out of the water spec wise or should I saw blows it out into space, looks cooler also looks like a damn space ship.

It is way more expensive but so worth it.

Dasteru2022d ago

I'll stick with my Steelseries Sensei.

Still by far the best gaming mouse.