Tekken 6 Lands In The US

tekkenzaibatsu writes - "We've received word that, what might very well be the first Tekken 6 in the US, will be available to the public later this week at Planet Zero in Houston."

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solideagle13730d ago

i know this news is old but for many it is still new news. and man how many stories i have to submit to become approval guy( who can approve stories)?

GodsHand3730d ago

Three stories, plus they have to make the front page.

cmrbe3730d ago

as well as MGS online is the reason why i am going to play online.

solideagle13730d ago

man i have been approved before 2 times and it is on the front page of playstation3 so this makes it 3 right. now i should be able to approve right? but i cant i think

man this is the game for which i bought PS2 and now i m going to buy playstation3 for it again. tekken is mother of all fighting games and soulcalibur in weapon fighting games.

GodsHand3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Check your user menu, goto my news link you submitted, and it will tell you if they made the front page. If so then you should have the ability to approve stories.

THE_JUDGE3730d ago

I hope it plays and looks better than we have seen. I am eagerly anticipating this. Its in my top 5 for the year easily.

PStriple7033730d ago

can't wait for this bad boy

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The story is too old to be commented.