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Submitted by Sickr 1071d ago | rumor

Dead Island Developers Looking To Develop For Wii U?

Dead Island developers Deep Silver are currently looking at Wii U development. (Deep Silver, Wii U)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1072d ago
Deep Silver[Koch Media] are actually the publishers of Dead Island..

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t3gamenews  +   1071d ago
dead island wii u will be awesome.
PeaSFor  +   1071d ago
...and sadly it will bomb, like everything else other than nintendo games on the system.
PopRocks359  +   1071d ago
Not necessarily true. Resident Evil Revelations and Kingdom Hearts were moderate successes on the 3DS and Muramasa: The Demon Blade on Wii sold more in the US than in any other region, including its nation of origin. If you go even further back, Resident Evil 4 on the gamecube was a pretty damn successful game.

Yeah, unfortunately with newer Nintendo hardware, quality 3rd part software goes unnoticed. But look at ZombiU; Ubisoft said they were satisfied with how it sold and the game had a fairly successful attachment rate. So it goes to show that there can be exceptions.
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t3gamenews  +   1070d ago
suddenly we think we can see into the future.
i planning on getting it.
not that i care of sales anyway.
but if it doesn't sell its only because there probably not gonna advertise it.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1071d ago
From Wiki, for discussion material:

"Deep Silver

Official logo for the Deep Silver label.
Deep Silver is Koch Media's video game label. Founded in 2002, it has published and co-published some major titles.[4] Deep Silver has released more than two hundred games since 2003.[3]

Anno 1701 (co-published with Sunflowers) - PC
Astrology - Nintendo DS
Back to the Future: The Video Game - Wii, PS3
Birth of America - PC
Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (XL) (published in PAL regions only) - Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS
Catherine (co-published with Atlus) - Xbox 360, PS3
City Life (co-published with Monte Cristo) - PC
CrossworDS - Nintendo DS
Crusty Demons - PS2
Cursed Mountain - Wii
Dawn of Magic - PC
Dead Island - PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Dead Island: Riptide - PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Earth 2160 (co-published with Zuxxez) - PC
Emergency 2012 - PC, Nintendo DS
Fritz Chess - PlayStation 3
Gothic 3 (co-published with JoWood Productions) - PC
Horse Life - NDS
Killer is Dead (published in PAL regions only) - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Lost Horizon - PC
Mage Knight Apocalypse (co-published with Namco) - PC
Metro: Last Light - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
nail'd - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Panzer Elite Action - PC, PS2, Xbox
ParaWorld (co-published with Sunflowers) - PC
Prison Break - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Professor Heinz Wolff's Gravity - PC, Wii, Nintendo DS
Ride To Hell - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Risen - PC, Xbox 360
Risen 2: Dark Waters - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Rhodan - PC
Rush for Berlin - PC (Stormregion)
Rush for Berlin - Rush For The Bomb - PC
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Sacred 3 (Tentative title) - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Saints Row 4 - PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Secret Files: Tunguska - PC, Wii, Nintendo DS
Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis - PC, Wii, Nintendo DS
Singles: Flirt Up Your Life - PC
Singles 2: Triple Trouble - PC
Spellforce 2 - PC
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - PC
Trackmania Sunrise Extreme - PC
The Fall: Last Days of Gaia - PC
The Guild 2 (co-published with JoWood Productions) - PC
The Hustle: Detroit Streets - PSP
The X Factor - Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
War On Terror - PC
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos (co-published with Namco) - PC, Xbox 360
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos - Battle March (co-published with Namco) - PC
Wildlife Park 2 - PC (B-Alive)
Wildlife Park 2: Crazy Zoo - PC (B-Alive)
Wildlife Park 2: Marine World - PC (B-Alive)
World Snooker Championship Real 2008 (Multi)
X2: The Threat - PC (Egosoft)
X3: Reunion - PC (Egosoft)
X3: Terran Conflict - PC (Egosoft)
X3: Albion Prelude - PC (Egosoft)
X Rebirth - PC (Egosoft)
[edit]Let's Play
Let's Play is Deep Silver's range of Nintendo games for the 6 to 12 year old demographic.

Let's Play Fashion Designer (2008) Nintendo DS
Let's Play Firemen (2009) Nintendo DS
Let's Play Mums (2008) Nintendo DS
Let's Play Pet Hospital (2008) Nintendo DS, Windows
Let's Play Schools (2008) Nintendo DS
Let's Play Shops (2008) Nintendo DS"
Spenok  +   1071d ago
Lets hope so. The more systems the merrier, just means the game has a higher chance to sell better.
Adolph Fitler  +   1071d ago

"and sadly it will bomb, like everything else other than nintendo games on the system"

As long as they make awesome games for it, then I will use my cash to change that fact.

Nintendo are absolute scum to 3rd party developers...Always have been..I mean Google what EA had to do to break into the Japanese dominated home console market, back in the 16 bit days. Nintendo made it virtually impossible for 3rd party developers to get development kits to make games for Nintendo's systems, & 3rd party developers outside of Japan got screwed even worse. So, some people in Sega, hinted to Trip Hawkins & gang, that it would be easier if they built there own actual Genesis/MD inhouse, & then they could analyze the system, as they had stripped the original Sega made Genesis/MD & made there own version of it, that meant they had built a development kit/pseudo Genesis, all in one, so then, instead of paying massive royalties to Sega & a HUGE cost for a development kit, & Sega's proprietry cartridges, EA developed there own proprietry cartridges, as people may recall EA's own game cartridges ALL had the yellow spine part on there Genesis/MD cartridges.
So, everyone that hates on EA, needs to research how hard and full on dedicated these poor b@stards had to work, to build EA up into the status of one of the biggest publishers today. And yes, like every big corporation, they do screw up some series, (Medal Of Honor, Dead Space & no sequel for Mirrors Edge come to mind), BUT, EA also release some groundbreaking, awesome series each generation & have also built some of there sporting franchises into THE BEST, forcing companies like Sony to concede & not even bother releasing there usual sport franchises. So, EA are responsible for single handedly opening up & revolutionizing 3rd party relationships with one of the Japanese console giants, in Sega, & even though Nintendo were still A-holes to ALL 3rd party developers, & renowned for charging them an arm & a leg for the "privilege" to make games on there notoriously hard to develop for systems, & thus NEVER giving them a hint, let alone development software or support, Nintendo did eventually make concessions, as they saw the success EA were having with HUGE U.S. games like Madden, NHL & the like. EA built as stable of THE HIGHEST quality console software on Genesis/MD, & Nintendo NEEDED these titles for the U.S. market. So, now EA had Nintendo interested in them, as opposed to they way they still treated 3rd party developers that were not EA.
Adolph Fitler  +   1071d ago
To this day, Nintendo are complete A$$holes to 3rd party developers, but HUGE inroads were made by EA....Huge, & EA need to get some recognition & respect for how they absolutely, single handedly rewrote history for 3rd party developers around the world....They opened the floodgates, & they can be credited for some of the greatest games on Genesis/MD, as well as every system afterwards (although, they do still treat Nintendo with a fair amount of disdain to this day, as to be expected). I believe EA still are reluctant, & are extremely hesitant to bring there games to Nintendo hardware.
Sony then came along & busted down the floodgate walls, & EA & nearly every 3rd party developer threw Nintendo in the gutter, like a hot rock, & made masses of games on Sony's new cd based console. They pumped out quality hit, after quality hit, due to the ease of development & low costs associated with the machine, & with that they got even more crappy, rushed games, & horrid movie tie in's, & superhero turds disguised as games, (which plagued Master System (ET anyone, landfill anyone), NES, SNES, N64 (Sooooooperman) Genesis & every console since (although the bar has been raised with titles like Batman:AS & such) with even PS3 & 360 getting games based on movies, that are horrid, but should be excellent due to the source material). Anyhow, I digress.

I have a Wii-U in my loungeroom, & one for my kids in there toyroom (Iknow, one is a big enough mistake, but 2 is just moronic). My 7yr old boy prefers playing my PS2 & the zillions of games I have on it....& that there is the key. Nobody wants a machine that barely has a shelf full of games in there local game store, & even moreso, if NONE of those games are must have titles, or are otherwise available on the other older systems. I mean, Black Ops 2 looks the same as PS3/360 version, you'd be swinging at shadows trying to find a lick of difference.....until, you fire up the game, go online & struggle to FIND a game on the Wii-U version, whereas, firing up either PS3 or 360 version & going online & you struggle to PICK a game, due to the overwhelming amounts of players, due to the systems 7&8yr (respectively) build up of install base, that is quickly getting to 80 million owners for each PS3/360 consoles, as opposed to Wii-U probably struggling for a 1 million strong install base.
Adolph Fitler  +   1071d ago
Nintendo, desperately need to lose that old school attitude, of keeping all there systems in & out secrets to themselves, & start working there a$$es off to help out 3rd party developers to crank out Wii-U games of the highest quality & quantity.
They need to get there install base up, & that is the way to do it, as if hardcore gamers had a few AAAA reasons to buy a Wii-U, then they would, without hesistation. I was dumb enough to buy myself one for a AA game in Zombi-U, & one for my kids for another bloody 2D Mario, so with BETTER games, Wii-U would sell a respectable amount, & give more 3rd party developers a reason to start making games, & the others to stop cancelling them (or putting on indefinite hold).
Nintendo also need to get this happening, before PS4 & 720 launch, as this ain't PS1vsN64 anymore, so a Mario64 on Wii-U isn't gonna save them, as the gaming demographic has changed, & it seems, (unfortunately) that 3D platformers are dead, in favor of shooters, & other more violence fueled titles have started killing off Mario & gang. I really hope I am wrong, & Mario 3D comes to Wii-U & sells a bucket load of machines (as I will be 1st to buy it, & a new more focused Ratchet for PS4).

But, fact is that Deep Silver need to stop talking about it, & just get a great game out on Wii-U, as they may go down in history as being the reason to get a Wii-U, they make that rare, system seller.
Jadedz  +   1071d ago
There's something called...
eshop on the Wii U. Scared the game won't sell at retail? Bring it on down to the eshop xD.

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