Why the Playstation 4 and Not The New Xbox System Is the One We are Getting at Launch

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece stating that the Playstation 4 and not the new Xbox is the system that they will be picking up at launch.

They cite past issues with the Xbox such as paying to play games and the red ring of death as factors why they will take a wait and see approach with the new offering from Microsoft.

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Knight_Crawler1622d ago

Very bias article - nothing has been confirmed about the 720 as yet and everything floating around is based on rumors, as far as we are concern the 720 does not excise.

Also the articles states that they will take a wait and see approach before they buy the 720 but are willing to buy the PS4 with knowing if Sony will charge for the new online experience or keep it free or how much the console will cost.

People need to relax and wait to see what both will show after E3.

Snookies121622d ago

I agree, the next Xbox hasn't even been revealed yet... I'm definitely getting a PS4, but seriously? How are you going to say that you're going PS4 instead of the next Xbox when you don't even know anything official about it?

kingmushroom1622d ago

Easy , Sonys Diverse First party exclusives

LackTrue4K1622d ago Show
MysticStrummer1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

I can see how some people might have made their decision already. I know several people who swore never to buy another MS console because of their experience with RRoD. Others might make their decision based on the available games, since fun is subjective and one side's catalog of exclusives might appeal to them more than the other's. Another group of people might have realized that XBL is the only network that makes you buy your games, then pay again to play them online.

I'd say that last group is the reason 360 will end up in 3rd place, if it's not there already. People who waited this long to buy a PS3 or 360 did so mainly because of price, so they won't want to pay extra to access online play. Because of that, most of the people that helped PS2 sell so many more units after PS3 launched will buy a PS3 when the price gets low enough. Those late adopters who also buy based on quality games will see that one side has more exclusive GotY winners and graphics awards.

Those who buy every console may not understand it, but it is possible to have made your next gen console purchase decision already, based on the past. New info from MS can always change things though.

Army_of_Darkness1622d ago

I'm happy with Sony's software support and free online gaming as of now so as long as they keep this up with the PS4, I will pick it over xbox 720 without hesitation! especially if they release near the same time frame as each other.

ICECREAM1622d ago

Yet you have made up your mind.

princejb1341622d ago

it all depends on the games and of course free online
i still refuse to pay a subscription service for xbox live
yea xbox had the best online experience this gen but they lacked in games that i just didnt like

i could honestly care less about the specs as long as the games are fun and look decent

shoddy1621d ago

Easy, free online and no waiting for download

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knowyourstuff1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

It may benefit you to wait to see the defect rate on Msoft's new console, especially if you don't want to experience the same nightmare that was the RROD. Microsoft isn't a hardware company, they're a software company, and are more than willing to rush out something even if defect rates are 30% and higher right off the bat if it means releasing in time for Christmas.

ShinMaster1621d ago

Microsoft has had ulterior movies and doesn't seem to care that much about gaming. The Xbox is a Trojan horse for something else.

insomnium21621d ago

The media sure is kissing Sony's a** this time around. What happened to BD is dead, PS3 is doomed and x360 is more powahfull?

TheRealSpy1621d ago

The article sites the RRoD as one of the reasons they are waiting. Why is Xbox now held back cuz of that but nobody said this about the ps3's launch after the massive failure rate of the PS2. Such hypocrisy.

Personally, i'll be buying several of each at launch. Plenty of people out there too stupid to preorder.

@kingmushroom: Those "diverse first party exclusives" didn't start showing up on ps3 for a long time, buddy.

@knowyourstuff: umm..8 years is rushing? also, see hypocrisy comment.

@insomnium2: what psycho, victim world are you living in? the media has always had a love affair with sony and nobody ever said 360 was more powerful.

loulou1621d ago

lol n4g. i especially love all the trash sites that write rubbish just for the hits..

i can't believe how swamped n4g is in fanboys.

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Garethvk1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Hey guys, we missed a paragraph that was not added. It has been replaced now. Sony will not be charging for their games to be played online and we know the console will be below $600.

We have talked with third-party developers who work on games for both systems. They have told us that while both have nice features, the PS 4 is a better system with more power and features.

classic2001622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Their fanboyism is the one that blinds them, they won't believe sony will be free online.

Derekvinyard131622d ago

I hope it's below 600 maybe 400

Gildarts1622d ago

You guys are not real journalist, you do not have any form of contact with third-party devs, stop lying. Real journalist will pick-up both consoles at launch or even before that regardless of its predecessors faults. Real journalists don't judge something before it's even released let alone revealed.

Gildarts1622d ago

Don't PM me, If you were a real journalist you wouldn't PM me.Real journalists would just ignore that, they don't give a shit about what people think as long as they are getting hits. It just proves that i am right and that you are a liar.

DigitalRaptor1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Cheers Gareth

It's good to hear this coming from a real journalist. Charging $600 again would be foolish on Sony's part and something I've believed wouldn't be repeated. Again, DigitalRaptor has been pushing the notion that Sony will never charge for the ability to use your own Internet bandwidth for online gaming, but I was met with "Sony are losing money and need to charge for online". To which I replied "they have their business model in PS+ and will only continue growing as the years go on".

So thanks for confirming this again.

PS4 is looking to be a great thing for the industry - that's gamers AND developers. I'm looking forward to seeing the anti-Sony fanboys to pull things from their asses to try and downplay what looks for be something amazing.

What I know is that charging for online play is going to catch up with Microsoft at some point, and they won't have the mistakes of their staunchest competitor to lean on since Sony are in Viper mode. All we need are some brave journalists to expose the truth about paying for XBL and free apps etc.

@ Gildarts, I only have to look at your Microsoft defense comment history to understand why you would attack Gareth like that. A real journalist, in fact, gets their hands dirty and talks to the people. I'm not talking about corrupt members of the press, but real journalists who do what they can to seek truth. And real journalists don't always have the money to afford everything at once. Not every journalist outlet has the budget of say IGN or GameSpot. Real journalists use past experience to shape future decision.

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classic2001622d ago

Waiting on E3 for kinect 2.0 with casual games, xbox tv, kinect tv, third party games already on PS4/PC, fable mmo, more talk about app, halo 5 and one new IP from black tusk.

Rumored DRM or online always system.

only the new IP I am interested in which might be a launch title but not enough to keep me interested.

With Microsoft being so predictable why would people feel comfortable when we know how the last 3 years of E3 look, microsoft as not been the microsoft of last gen or early this gen.

unicron71622d ago

Pretty much this. They turned their back on the hardcore about midway through this generation. I don't see them returning any time soon. I'm not buying a console for purely Halo alone.

nirwanda1622d ago

They have alot of studio's that haven't done anything for a couple of years so I expect alot of new games at launch probably even more than sony and it will be better at media stuff than the ps4, but the ps4 will probably have better specs

The_Infected1622d ago

Here's a developer confirming what the next Xbox is going to be and it's not strictly about games and MS are hard to work with he says.

FITgamer1622d ago

You obviously didn't read that article, its a dev who currently has a bad opinion of MS. No hard facts.

aviator1891622d ago

you do realize that he's only saying that because he hasn't contacted by microsoft and has had bad communications with them in the past with the 360, right?
the indie dev is just making inferences and guesses and probably has no real basis on which to make the statements he did. that article really should have been submitted as a rumor than news..

Old McGroin1622d ago

@ FITgamer

"You obviously didn't read that article"

Of course he didn't read it properly, look at his fanboy name, he just picked out parts that sounded negative about MS and regurgitated them to suit his own point.

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MYSTERIO3601622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Im split on this one part of me wants to see what MS has to show at E3 the other just doesn't care what they show after how they treated their customers. I just feel the whole Gold membership deal is put me of MS plus many of the exclusives titles i bought a 360 for are multiplate i.e. Mass effect, Bioshock and Ghost recon.

Muffins12231622d ago

Really then why did xbox order the fbi to raid the guy that leaked durango if they where fake...

AngelicIceDiamond1622d ago

Its very, very, VERY pathetic to bash a unannounced console.

Articles like these aren't proving anything besides shadiness and complete and utter stupidity.

And gamers wonder why, WHY the mainstream media don't take our profession seriously...

InMyOpinion1621d ago

If anything it would make more sense to assume that the Xbox 720 will likely be the console with the least hardware problems, looking at the hit they took from RROD.

kickerz1622d ago

Next Xbox day 1 purchase for me :)

fsfsxii1621d ago

Have fun playing kinect 2

CoolBeansRus1622d ago

Why is this news? This is a opinion based on rumors. Why would anyone make up their mind on a system before actually knowing any details about it. That is called being bias, which this article is. The article should be renamed, " Why we are bias towards Sony."