Top 10 Boss Battles from The Legend of Zelda

Mini Fortress takes a look at the Top 10 Boss Battles from The Legend of Zelda series.

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TheLyonKing2021d ago

I remember beating Gannondorf in OOT using just a bottle at one point, stuff the sword ;)

robparko2021d ago

To be honest, I haven't tried that yet, but not I'm feeling compelled to give it a shot.

kamikazepikmin2021d ago

how do you not put koloctos from SS, that boss battle was epic!!

robparko2021d ago

I definitely considered it, but felt that it didn't have a huge impact on the series. Awesome battle for Skyward Sword though, definitely the best in that game.

tweet752021d ago

i like ganons battle in the first legend of zelda

ps3_pwns2021d ago

link to the past had all the best battles in my opinion. they were just so good and some very hard. lttp is just the best zelda game all around in all aspects. the game is freaking huge and packed with content.

robparko2020d ago

A Link to the Past is legendary, love that game.

Kos-Mos2021d ago

I think the battle with Mirror-Link was über cool, but it was more like a mini-boss.