Still Playing Far Cry 3

Eskimo Press: These days it is a pretty rare thing that a game’s single player component manages to keep me hooked for months. Usually I come for the single player, but stay for the multiplayer when I keep playing for a long time. There are a few games that have me coming back for more, usually these are open-world titles, and right now I’m still playing Far Cry 3.

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dkeat2019d ago

I stopped after capturing all the outposts and completing the main missions (which was great and lasted a while). Collected the majority of items you could craft involving hunting the rare animals but those timed delivery ones were not my idea of fun and same goes for collecting every diamond or whatnot. Would like to try completing the co-op missions sometime but need some better support.

DoomeDx2019d ago

With the recent patch you can reset the outposts.

ufo8mycat2019d ago

Theres a reason this game got GOTY/Runner-up. It is an awesome and amazingly fun FPS.

angelsx2019d ago

I hope they release some single player dlc soon.

shadowboricua2019d ago

Great game. Still playing SP after getting it at launch for PC. Will play again on harder setting now that it has been released.

B_Rian892019d ago

i just installed the new patch and it erased most of my progress in the single player! It kinda put me off playing for a while

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