Crystal Dynamics deserves an apology from gamers for hasty Tomb Raider 'controversy'

There are some very talented game designers out there who are attempting to dig this hobby out of the childish stigma it was born into, and it’s sickening that Crystal Dynamics had to be ostracized over expanding this medium into more mature territory.

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TimNunes1742d ago

This game was such a great experience. The industry would be so much better if every character could feel as human and realistic as this rendition of Lara Croft is.

Old Lara can fade to black, now that we have another Lara that makes everyone grow as a person instead of cheaply appeal to a subliminal likeness.

MasterCornholio1742d ago

So i guess its a reboot done right.

Ninja Theory take notes.

LightSamus1742d ago

Really? Still? Even though DmC was released and it received positive critical acclaim from pretty much everyone you're still going to claim Ninja Theory can't get it right?

Just let it die.

Reverent1742d ago

@LightSamux, well... As far as sales go, the game did flop, so...

knowyourstuff1741d ago

DMC had good gameplay, and a stupid, skinny, weakling character that no one could relate to, so nobody bought it.

Lara is also an overly skinny girl who looks like she can't lift 10 pounds much less perform the unbelievable physical feats in Tomb Raider. That's where the controversy should have been, everything else was drivel from trolling gaming press fishing for hits on their sites.

finbars751742d ago

I concur with you on that one.What they have done with this franchise is absolute genius and a breath of fresh air.Its going to be nice to see the old Lara fade away so we can experience somehting new and more adventurous.I love the old TombRaiders but it got stale for a while there.Thank you CrystalDynamics for doing us proud.

JokesOnYou1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Much to do about nothing, its a great game, CD isn't waiting for apologies they'll simply be grateful for the critical and financial success the game is receiving. Is it just me or are most of the news posts on n4g written about regurgitated non-stories that have been posted on n4g in the past, most of which only n4g folks like to rant over and over again while the real world moves on and just enjoys games.

MaideninBlack1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

I must have missed it but I thought it was "gaming journalists" that sensationalized one scene in the game and not gamers. Not initially, anyway.

HarryMasonHerpderp1742d ago

You're right, it was the gaming journalist's sensationalism not the gamers.
Still I'm sure one million copies in sales in just a few days is apology enough.

Mounce1742d ago

It was Journalists And Femminazi's of all calibers. Especially if both of them were combined, the mouth of an upset female journalist who were too blinded by a feministic perspective that they could not see the potential the mere scene had in a sense of character development rather than emotive input of being 'Offended' for borderline irrational 'reasons'.

Megaton1741d ago

Yep. Bloggers and feminazis perpetrated the "controversy". Gamers defended CD.

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Root1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

The ones who complained about it weren't really gamers though were they.....they were probably just people who saw the trailer and wanted to hate on video games.

Either that or those silly feminists, who b**** and moan over such little things

MaideninBlack1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Double post.

Genuine-User1742d ago

I agree.
This game is fantastic in my opinion.

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