Soul Sacrifice First DLC Announced, Includes Two New Bosses, One New Area

The first DLC for Soul Sacrifice gets new screenshots. Here we see two new bosses and one new area.

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sinncross1210d ago

I hope this game sells well; it looks incredible and it played really well at TGS (I am sure it is even better now)

TriangleOffense1210d ago

DLC and its not even out yet. No real issue just think its not a great idea to be doing

sinncross1210d ago

The game release in Japan a few days ago

Apollosupreme1210d ago

And you think they decide to do DLC after development of the main game? Santa Clause is real too by the way.

Muffins12231210d ago

Even then....DLC after a few days lol?That sucks

HarryMasonHerpderp1210d ago

Yes the game has already been released, whether the DLC was made after the game or not is something we'll never know.
This is the future of gaming unfortunately.
Still buying this day one though! not sure whether to support the DLC though for the above reasons.

knifefight1210d ago

Um, Sincross never said anything about when DLC was developed, he simply corrected the notion that the game wasn't out yet. It is. It came out March 7 in Japan. That's the only thing he said. Adding more to it is just projecting yourself, not really interpreting anything that Sincross said.

Apollosupreme1210d ago ImmatureShow
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Godchild10201210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

For all we know the DLC could be free. They mentioned before that DLC with quests will be paid DLC, but things can change.

HarryMasonHerpderp1210d ago

I'll be supporting the free DLC :D

Gamesgbkiller1210d ago

There will be FREE DLC too :)

IMightBeRetarded1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

@apollo No. They probably knew they were going to do dlc and had plans for it, but they probably wouldn't have started working on it until after development of the game had finished (which it probably did a few weeks ago for the Japanese release).

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-Gespenst-1210d ago

Just put it in the game. God sake.

HammadTheBeast1210d ago

Relax, there's already 100+ hours of stuff to do in the game itself.

Donnieboi1209d ago

I thought it was 500+ hours like monster hunter...not that i'm complaining about 100 hours though.

puamdefokejpn1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

It is addicting as hell,.. probably put 4 hours just into demo,..(hell haven't made it out of tutorial levels yet- it is so much fun - lol) Combat feels great, constant upgrading your stuff is just like drugs,..

Really having trouble making SegaID for (PSO2)That verification in hiragana is just screwing with my brain ,.. so I am just grinding this as much as I can,.. just feels right,.. It is also really pretty,.. Image quality is top notch (I think this must have some heavy AA,.. because it really looks damn good)And runs smooth like butter.

Blastoise1210d ago

Should have been in the game. Annoying, but I'm still gonna buy Soul Sacrifice

Hydralysk1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

Why exactly should it of been in the game?

If you were talking about day-1 DLC I'd totally agree with you, but assuming the game has gone gold and is off to be certified, the team has no reason not to get a head start making extra bosses/areas for DLC.

DLC has become a touchy issue due to how it's been abused by some, but that doesn't mean all near launch DLC is evil, especially considering none of this content looks like something you'd be penalized in any way for missing.

Blastoise1210d ago

Charged(?) DLC 2 days after release? Yeah, put it in the game.

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