Rampage (NES) Review

Video Gaming Hard Corps ( reviews the arcade port of Rampage on the NES.

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Magnus1956d ago

Sorry to say but this game actually looked better on the Sega Master system both graphically and music wise. Also on the Master System version you got three mutants instead of two. I played many hours on the Master System version.

camel_toad1955d ago

Nothing better than eating people right out of their homes.

Hitman07691955d ago

ahhh gotta luv the classics :)

DivineAssault 1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

i loved this game! Ralph was the greatest! Too bad they omitted him from the NES version (memory limitations).. Theres an issue PS wont be having nx gen..

SleazyChimp1955d ago

I wish they would reboot this for XBLA and PSN.