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Submitted by moegooner88 994d ago | rumor

Batman Arkham 3 reveal hinted by Facebook edit

Batman Arkham 3 could be on track for a reveal soon, as suggested by Warner’s recent tinkering with the series’ Facebook page. (PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)
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ShugaCane  +   994d ago
I'm concerned about Rocksteady possibly not working on the game. They did such an amazing job with the first two episodes that the expectations for this one are going to be really hard to handle for the new devs, if the rumor is true.
aiBreeze  +   994d ago
Yeah that means Rocksteady are free from the confines of the Batman IP.. while the Batman Arkham games were both 10/10 games for me easily, I'd love to see what Rocksteady can do without having to worry about staying true to Batman and having complete creative freedom on what they create.
FarCryLover182  +   994d ago
Nah, Rocksteady are probably making a next-gen Batman game for 2015.
XB1_PS4  +   994d ago
RockSteady X-Men game would be sick. Even though that's Marvel.
BlaqMagiq24  +   994d ago
Even though for Rocksteady it would still be a tall task, I would love to see a "true" Superman game next gen. It would probably take years though.
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Thatlalala  +   994d ago
I dont know if the rumor has been shot down. But I thought they were working on a TMNT title.

Edit: I see Acti owns the rights currently so I doubt it.
MYSTERIO360  +   994d ago
The next Batman game better have a drive-able bat car and aircraft as for me those are the only thing that been missing from the franchise.
HarvesterOSarow  +   994d ago
You forgot shadows. I loved the games, but because everything is on the Unreal engine, there has been no difference between light and darkness. "Oh you're up on a gargoyle, I guess I can't see you."

If it had a real way to map the brightness of locations it would be as good as the animated series. I can't cover myself with my cape and hide in the corner of a darkened room to wait for a criminal to relax. That is my only grudge with the series. The world might be "dark", but Rocksteady and the engine don't cater to it.
Skate-AK  +   994d ago
Batman and Unreal 4 would be awesome.
Knight_Crawler  +   994d ago
Meh Batman does not interest me a Super Man game done by Rocksteady would be a day one buy for me.

The new Super Man movie is looking beast and do not be surprise to see the Blue and Red hero make a big come back - Christopher Nolan is the best at what he does.

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HeavenlySnipes  +   994d ago | Interesting
I don't think they could make an interesting one without having us play as the teenage Clark Kent who doesn't have his powers fully developed. The real superman is too powerful to make any sort of conflict feel threatening.

Maybe in a Justice League game where we have to fight aliens or something, but nothing on Earth (literally) would stop Superman
torchic  +   994d ago
very good point, well said. actually bubbled you for interesting but yeah :)
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maniacmayhem  +   994d ago
There are pleanty of things on Earth to stop Superman.

Parasite can drain Superman's power and becomes even with him in strength and power.

Intergang is an interstellar mafia type group who are equipped with Apocolyptic weapons that can hurt Superman.

WeaponMaster who has well...a lot of weapons most which can hurt Superman.

Metallo is a cyborg with a Kryptonite heart that can use it's energy to fight Superman. Not to mention his strength is on Superman's level too.

Bizzaro who has all of Superman's powers and is even considered stronger than Superman.

Then there's any magic user since magic can harm Superman.

Then we have Zod, Toyman, Luther and Mr. Myz....(?) that can be villains for him to fight.

Plenty of ways to make the Superman game bad ass and still have the sense threat.

Yea i geeked what!
*adjusts glasses, picks up new 52....throws up*
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ziggurcat  +   994d ago
"Meh Batman does not interest me anymore..."

no one who's played the batman games would ever say that... get him!
TekoIie  +   994d ago
Its going to be tough to top Arkham City!

Although one thing I would love is more characters for the challenge rooms.
MasterCornholio  +   994d ago
Arkham Asylum -----> Arkham City -------> Gotham City

My guess is that it will be exclusive to PC, PS4 and 720. I dont believe the Wii U will be strong enough to handle a game this big especially with its memory limitations.


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zeldafreak404  +   994d ago
you'd be suprised what some devs. could do
Scenarist  +   994d ago
@zelda ... yea what they could do is either gimp the other versions to be on par with Wii-U

or let the wii u clearly be the inferior version.
Nothing wrong with the latter.. .think of all the games that made it to the Wii but were gimped
Brownghost  +   994d ago
Gameplay was much better in AC, while AA had a better story.
NYC_Gamer  +   994d ago
Rocksteady should make a Watchmen game
porkChop  +   993d ago
Now that I would like. A real Watchmen game on next gen hardware.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   994d ago
I hope it's a next gen game, they should do a full open world Gotham City. Now that would be epic!
rpd123  +   994d ago
And let you switch between Bruce Wayne and Batman based on what you need to do. That'd be awesome, adding another level of gameplay. They really only capture Batman in the other games, they need to explore the other side of the man.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   994d ago
Yeah that would be a really good idea.
Would be cool hanging around wayne manor and actually going through the secret passages to get to the Batcave.
Maybe then suiting up and going out in your Batmobile or Batplane into an open world Gotham City.
Awww it REALLY needs to happen!
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HorrorGod  +   994d ago
The secret room in "Arkham Asylum" hinted at "Arkham City." The secret room in "Arkham City" hinted at Scarecrow in Gotham City.
ApolloTheBoss  +   994d ago
What about the first great Superman game? Was hoping they'd go for that but I'm not gonna complain.
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aLucidMind  +   994d ago
It was kind of obvious that they are going to be doing a third Batman: Arkham game. Arkham City was rife with foreshadowing, plot hooks, and a few cliffhangers. Like how Clay Face fell into the Lazarus Pit and the Watcher's prediction about Gotham burning and Batman "burning with it".

Then there was a ton of hints of Scarecrow being considered for a primary antagonist in the next game. Him, Harley Quinn, and Chameleon would make an interesting team and nail that prophecy on the head. Scarecrow and Chameleon rely on mindgames and fear; Harley could have learned from Joker but must also depend more on mind games due to her lack of combat prowess. Then there is Clay Face after falling into the Lazarus Pit, which would be the bigger threat and focus more on the physical challenge for Batman (while the other three focus on psychological). And Clay Face's origins as a former horror movie star gone insane fits the alliance of those three well.
SavageFlamingo  +   994d ago
Very well thought out. I like it.
KillrateOmega  +   994d ago
My thoughts exactly. After the game had been out for a while, everyone was only talking about the Joker possibly coming back and Scarecrow's foreshadowing. I've always been way more interested in what the hell became of Clayface after he took a dive into the Pit.

Not to mention that Ras' al Ghul's body was missing after you go back to check on it. Similar to how it was missing in Asylum with him being revealed later in City.

There was also the reveal of Hush after you finish off the Identity Thief challenges. I cannot imagine that Rocksteady would not make him an integral part of the next Arkham game.

Can't wait for this game :) A villain that I'd love to see included in this would Red Hood (aka Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin). Not sure how they would do it, but it would be awesome.
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kostchtchie_  +   994d ago
bah, was hoping they would do new IP instead another sequel, wanted to see if it was just a fluke or they have talent enough to do something different
Y_5150  +   994d ago
I understand what you mean but they are still going to do Batman games cause...He's Batman.
kostchtchie_  +   994d ago
ha ha indeed, i love there games but i still want see them try there hand at another superhero :P
I don't want batman until next gen!
stage88  +   994d ago
I'd rather they did an Adam west batman game. That would be so awesome.

Can't say I enjoyed the Rocksteady games. Was completely bored by the gameplay and haven't gone back to Arkham city.
dafegamer  +   994d ago
can't wait Arkham City was awesome
DarkBlood  +   994d ago
pretty sure they were working on a silverage batman game with superman in it.
tigertron  +   994d ago
I hope Rocksteady is working on a sequel for next-gen consoles. I would love to explore the whole of Gotham.
Sevir  +   994d ago
Rocksteady is not doing the 3rd Arkham game
Warner Brothers Montreal is handling this one and its reportedly running on Next Gen Hardware. Rocksteady is on to something else but I hope they are done with Batman, it would be awesome if they take their expertise and create a fantastic new Ip using a Next gen engine, either proprietary or licensed, ala UE4, CryEngine 3.5.

Either way I'm looking forward to seeing ow Warner Handles this Arkham Game seeing that Rocksteady is busy on something else.
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stefan771  +   994d ago
I hope it's cross gen.

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