Batman Arkham 3 reveal hinted by Facebook edit

Batman Arkham 3 could be on track for a reveal soon, as suggested by Warner’s recent tinkering with the series’ Facebook page.

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ShugaCane1989d ago

I'm concerned about Rocksteady possibly not working on the game. They did such an amazing job with the first two episodes that the expectations for this one are going to be really hard to handle for the new devs, if the rumor is true.

pompombrum1988d ago

Yeah that means Rocksteady are free from the confines of the Batman IP.. while the Batman Arkham games were both 10/10 games for me easily, I'd love to see what Rocksteady can do without having to worry about staying true to Batman and having complete creative freedom on what they create.

FarCryLover1821988d ago

Nah, Rocksteady are probably making a next-gen Batman game for 2015.

XB1_PS41988d ago

RockSteady X-Men game would be sick. Even though that's Marvel.

BlaqMagiq241988d ago

Even though for Rocksteady it would still be a tall task, I would love to see a "true" Superman game next gen. It would probably take years though.

Thatlalala1988d ago

I dont know if the rumor has been shot down. But I thought they were working on a TMNT title.

Edit: I see Acti owns the rights currently so I doubt it.

MYSTERIO3601988d ago

The next Batman game better have a drive-able bat car and aircraft as for me those are the only thing that been missing from the franchise.

HarvesterOSarow1988d ago

You forgot shadows. I loved the games, but because everything is on the Unreal engine, there has been no difference between light and darkness. "Oh you're up on a gargoyle, I guess I can't see you."

If it had a real way to map the brightness of locations it would be as good as the animated series. I can't cover myself with my cape and hide in the corner of a darkened room to wait for a criminal to relax. That is my only grudge with the series. The world might be "dark", but Rocksteady and the engine don't cater to it.

Skate-AK1988d ago

Batman and Unreal 4 would be awesome.

Knight_Crawler1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Meh Batman does not interest me a Super Man game done by Rocksteady would be a day one buy for me.

The new Super Man movie is looking beast and do not be surprise to see the Blue and Red hero make a big come back - Christopher Nolan is the best at what he does.

HeavenlySnipes1988d ago

I don't think they could make an interesting one without having us play as the teenage Clark Kent who doesn't have his powers fully developed. The real superman is too powerful to make any sort of conflict feel threatening.

Maybe in a Justice League game where we have to fight aliens or something, but nothing on Earth (literally) would stop Superman

torchic1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

very good point, well said. actually bubbled you for interesting but yeah :)

maniacmayhem1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

There are pleanty of things on Earth to stop Superman.

Parasite can drain Superman's power and becomes even with him in strength and power.

Intergang is an interstellar mafia type group who are equipped with Apocolyptic weapons that can hurt Superman.

WeaponMaster who has well...a lot of weapons most which can hurt Superman.

Metallo is a cyborg with a Kryptonite heart that can use it's energy to fight Superman. Not to mention his strength is on Superman's level too.

Bizzaro who has all of Superman's powers and is even considered stronger than Superman.

Then there's any magic user since magic can harm Superman.

Then we have Zod, Toyman, Luther and Mr. Myz....(?) that can be villains for him to fight.

Plenty of ways to make the Superman game bad ass and still have the sense threat.

Yea i geeked what!
*adjusts glasses, picks up new 52....throws up*

ziggurcat1988d ago

"Meh Batman does not interest me anymore..."

no one who's played the batman games would ever say that... get him!

TekoIie1988d ago

Its going to be tough to top Arkham City!

Although one thing I would love is more characters for the challenge rooms.

MasterCornholio1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Arkham Asylum -----> Arkham City -------> Gotham City

My guess is that it will be exclusive to PC, PS4 and 720. I dont believe the Wii U will be strong enough to handle a game this big especially with its memory limitations.



zeldafreak4041988d ago

you'd be suprised what some devs. could do

Scenarist1988d ago

@zelda ... yea what they could do is either gimp the other versions to be on par with Wii-U

or let the wii u clearly be the inferior version.
Nothing wrong with the latter.. .think of all the games that made it to the Wii but were gimped

Brownghost1988d ago

Gameplay was much better in AC, while AA had a better story.

NYC_Gamer1988d ago

Rocksteady should make a Watchmen game

porkChop1988d ago

Now that I would like. A real Watchmen game on next gen hardware.

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