Sock band-aid "Isn't the dumbest thing about [this game]" - Let’s Fish! Hooked On Vita Review (PSLS)

"The poster character of Let’s Fish! Hooked On bass fishing is wearing a band-aid on her sock. But wearing a small bandage overtop of a layer of clothing, surprisingly isn’t the dumbest thing about Let’s Fish! Hooked On." -Heath Hindman, PSLS

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ftwrthtx2021d ago

Such a great game, said no reviewer anywhere.

I'm glad I didn't go after this one.

PeaSFor2021d ago

Sega Bass Fishing was a bad game?

knifefight2021d ago

The one that got away....

Wedge192021d ago

Band Aid socks!It's like when I tried putting that band-aid on my hair.

zerocrossing2021d ago

I love Japan but there are aspects of their culture I just don't even wanna know.

GreenRanger2021d ago

Isn't it obvious?!
The sock got cut, not her knee.
The band-aid is for the sock!

zerocrossing2021d ago

Thank you for clearing that up, green power ranger! you were always my favourite.

NewMonday2021d ago

apparently the sock was bleeding :p

kB02021d ago

Until you grew a Vagina and became the white power ranger:(

You should've stayed green.

DarkBlood2021d ago

dont worry theres always me the clone, the better version :P

Mounce2021d ago

It's obvious that there was a hole/tear in the sock, and she didn't have any duct-tape and can't sew, so she put a bandaid on it.


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