Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review | Slant Magazine

Slant Magazine: "With Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, CyberConnect2 has quite possibly made the soundest Naruto game to date, one that actually makes me question my prickly dislike of the source material. To paraphrase a popular meme, haters are always going to hate, yet hiding beneath the dissuading guise of the Naruto franchise is a solid procession of fighting games that have the facility to appeal to even the most anti-anime of beat-'em-up tacticians when allocated a chance."

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Snookies121989d ago

It's a great game even for people who aren't fans. I love the series, even if the anime doesn't do it justice most of the time. The manga is very well done, and I personally can't wait to see the ending.

Irishguy951989d ago

I've seen the's...quite terrible. I don't know what they were thinking to be honest.

Snookies121989d ago

No no no, not the ending to the game... >_> Lol, I meant the actual end to the series.