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ScrewAttack: "SimCity is among my favorite franchises of all time, and already this game is among my favorite of all time. But I cannot play it. I have the game. I have the files. I have a computer that runs it. I even have a blistering fast internet connection. That’s not enough for EA, though. I didn’t pay for my copy, and I’m still amazed on the arrogance it takes to pull a stunt like this."

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arbitor3651955d ago

9/10 game + DRM = 1/10

learn from this, EA. learn from it

classic2001955d ago

LOL reviewers are litterally killing this game, but something got to be sacrificed for EA to learn that DRM is dangerous when it does not work.

LightSamus1954d ago

I do not think you know the meaning of the word literally.