SimCity Buyers to be Rewarded for Woes

The launch of SimCity by EA can be described as one word: disastrous. However, EA is trying to make amends for the rocky launch by offering a free game to those who purchased it.

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koh2025d ago

Refuses to offer a refund (or to offer the ability to play offline at some point), but offers another free game? Strange to me, but better than nothing I guess.

Godmars2902025d ago

Which is what they want: people to settle for what they should get.

koh2025d ago

Squeeze a few of the micro transactions out that they claim people love so much

thorstein2025d ago

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today".

Godmars2902025d ago

No. Just get people to accept DRM. Not complain as much or quell the easily easily quell-able.

rainslacker2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Free game doesn't cost them anything, they just make no money off the free game. Refund means they lose money that has already been received.

I guess it's better than nothing but far from enough IMO.


If you read the article, or rather blog post from Maxis, you would see you get a code on 3/18 for instructions on how to download the game. No indication of what game it is, or if there is a choice...and more than a week away.

Wow...just wow EA.

I predict on 3/18, we will see more articles about how the games they offer are a complete waste of time...although that would be subjective.

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ApolloTheBoss2025d ago

Don't settle for it. Demand a refund. It's your right as a customer.

Megaton2025d ago

They're only doing it to keep you using Origin. Demand your refund.

HappyWithOneBubble2025d ago

So what game will be free? Probably a lesser value game. EA is full of it. If you buy a broken product you deserve a refund.

Soldierone2025d ago

My bet is it will be a "limited selection" of old as hell titles, with one "limited" new game..... We've seen this before.

If its literally ANY game I'd be surprised.

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