The Five Worst Movies Based on Video Games

It's a mystery which movies will take home the big honors this weekend at the 85th Academy Awards. The winning films might be based on a book or use an original screenplay, but one thing is for sure: No Oscars will be going to movies based on video games.

A surprisingly large number of video games have been adapted into films over the years, which is rather odd when you consider nearly every such film has been even worse than, say... Spider-Man 3.

Here's a list of the five most egregious movies based on video games

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Y_51501299d ago

I have Mario Bros. on DVD. It was worth the 5 bucks! I like that movie despite the hate.

Bimkoblerutso1299d ago

Mattress sled scene?


lakisha3211299d ago SpamShow
Bimkoblerutso1299d ago

Sounds legit, but I'm actually already tied up in a serious deal with a Nigerian Prince that's going to make me millions. Sorry.

Y_51501299d ago

Yes it was! I liked how they tried to make the Mario Bros. as realistic as they can be, the Dinosaurs concept was pretty good I think. Although the movie didn't tied into the video game entirely but atleast it had a better story than the games am I right?

stonecold31299d ago

wheres tomb raider double dragon mortal kombat annihalation legend of chun li

Red_Devilz1299d ago

Hitman. That movie was a joke.

jony_dols1299d ago

'It's a mystery which movies will take home the big honors
this weekend at the 85th Academy Awards.'

Emm, I think I have a fair idea who will win. lol

Deadpool6161299d ago

Anyone watch the live action King of Fighters movie? It's the worst movie based off a video game I've ever seen.

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