What Will Separate The Two PS4 Models?

Assuming there are two PS4 models at launch, what do you think the differences will be between the two versions? What's worth another $100?

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a_bro1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

Bigger HDD space and something else?

DarkBlood1901d ago

an extremely limited bc ps4 model perhaps but im less inclined to believe that now

TheBrownBandito1901d ago

I guess it's all conjecture until we hear fixed prices, but I'm hoping for a PS4/Vita bundle if it means a significant saving on the Vita, especially now that the PS4 will likely bring plenty of games with remote play compatibility.

I was never too fussed about playing on the move, but playing remotely in the bathtub? Sweet. :o)

arbitor3651901d ago

im guessing there will be more than two variations (you have to take into consideration various bundles from retailers)

it will be on the basis of

- HDD space
- a game bundle
- online subscriptions (im guessing they will have various tiers to their online, with "free" ranging up to various levels and, of course, playstation plus)
- a move bundle

BanBrother1901d ago

Agreed. Will be a premium or pro bundle, with PS+ subscription, maybe a couple vouchers for the PSN. If I can remember correctly, the PS3 and 360 came with '$5 off next game' cards, or a few of them. That would entice people to buy more games at launch.

a_bro1901d ago

Thing is though, they said that the eye and the headset come in as standard in a box, so that changes things

Kurisu1901d ago

I know the headset comes with it, but I didn't know the eye will be as well??

T21901d ago

Hdd , camera , peripherals, game bundles , etc

Jaqen_Hghar1901d ago

A man would ask for Killzone, 1tb HDD, and 3 months of + in the $500 bundle (I think + will cover everything online and that the eye will be included anyway).