GR Radio 68: Showdown - God of War, Vita Sales, BC?

Show Notes:

Panel: Anthony_Severino, Alex_Osborn, Daniel Bischoff

What are you playing?:
Anthony: God of War: Ascension; Daniel: God of War: Ascension, Alex: Nada

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Revealed
Jason West Leaves Respawn Entertainment
Next-Gen Thief Coming In 2014
Vita Storms Sales Charts

GameRevolution Tells:
Is backwards compatibility really that important?
Featured commenters: LawnGnome, Guernica, tinymhg

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dbjj120881901d ago

Do you they'll do anything different from Dishonored?

knifefight1901d ago

Backward compatibility is a nice feature, made nicer by PlayStation's HUGE library of amazing games -- spanning almost 20 years of game history. I kind of want it included if for no other reason than preserving this important part of our culture.

dbjj120881901d ago

I can't imagine having been a lifelong PS owner and losing the ability to play every game on one machine.

Bladesfist1900d ago

BC is the gamble you take by playing on fixed hardware.

alexcosborn1900d ago

True. But it still sucks :(

1900d ago
Mecca41900d ago

Man that music from sonic made me me felt like a kid again, missing my sega