Darkwood is a promising top-down horror roguelike that has cult classic written all over it

Eurogamer - The three-person Poland-based Acid Wizard Studio may not bear much name recognition yet, but it definitely seems like a diverse, talented studio to keep an eye on. Last month I wrote about its hilarious Global Game Jam winner Kevin Costner's Tatanka Hunting Simulator 2013, and now it's showing off the debut trailer for its upcoming very polished looking top-down horror roguelike Darkwood.

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ATi_Elite1841d ago

1. Heavy breathing, ok what's going on here?
2. Dude starts boarding up door, Aw shucks looks good!
3. Creepy kid on piano, Shht just got real
4. lights go out and trailer climaxes,

THREW my Credit card at the screen.

OMG this game is gonna be good! Indie Devs are making some wicked games these days. Some of the big studios need to take notes!!

ShugaCane1841d ago

What ?! This is Pre-Alpha footage ?! Where the hell do these guys find so much talent and inspiration ? I want to know !!

megaworm251841d ago

that looks amazing.

Can't wait to be scared sh*tless playing this.

r211841d ago

Wow, that was freaking intense and atmospheric. Nice to see the horror genre being worked on somewhere.

maniacmayhem1841d ago

Excellent! This is why PC gaming is so good. Graphics don't mean a thing, it's all about the gameplay and fun factor.

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