Global Weekly Chart, Ending 2nd Mar 2013

Worldwide Hardware:

1: 3DS - 132,502 (-3%)
2: PS3 - 128,482 (-1%)
3: X360 - 83,500 (-10%)
4: PSV - 82,114 (+191%)
5: WiiU - 27,978 (-9%)
6: PSP - 21,793 (+17%)
7: Wii - 18,855 (-20%)
8: DS - 18,214 (-12%)

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aceitman2022d ago

ps3 is so close to the 3ds sales good job sony.

2021d ago
classic2002022d ago

Holy shoots, how the VITA got so much. Did people import from japan or asia got a price cut lol.

TruthbeTold2022d ago

Price cut in Japan right after it was already showing positive signs in the weeks before. Hopefully it takes off.

Skips2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Just imagine how well it'll start selling once it gets a price drop everywhere else.

Do it Sony! It'll only benefit........


hakis862021d ago

I just bought a Vita.. and PS Plus.. many free games =) woo hoo!

AO1JMM2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I purchased a Vita with my tax return LOL. Non import too.

I need to get my PS3 repaired for TLOU.

BinaryMind2021d ago

Let's hope this sales push for Vita has legs and doesn't die out in a few weeks.

DarkHeroZX2021d ago

I imported a limited edition Soul Sacrifice Vita!!!

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showtimefolks2022d ago

Ps3 on track to be the most sold console this gen. Vita is selling well with price drop xbox360 and 3ds doing its usual strong numbers but wiiu struggling big time.

It's only get get worst for wiiu when ps4 and next Xbox hits the market and no matter what Nintendo does E3 is gonna be owned by Xbox and playstation news.

They can't even drop the price since they are already loosing money on it. Nintendo is so out of touch with today's gaming community it's not even funny. Wiiu is just not a clear selling point most consumers don't understand if this is just another wii or a brand new system. Why not call wiiHD or wii2.

And 3rd party publishers are not interested in wiiu and that's very bad news. It was more than 25 years ago when Nintendo actually got great 3rd party support

born2live2022d ago

25 years ago, if you wanted to make a videogame for the NES, you had to sign an exclusive agreement. 3rd parties didn't support the NES by choice!

PSNintyGamer2022d ago

"It's only get get worst for wiiu when ps4 and next Xbox hits the market and no matter what Nintendo does E3 is gonna be owned by Xbox and playstation news"

I think you should have known by now, to never underestimate Nintendo.

madduey2021d ago

You can't write off the WiiU just yet.... Don't think it'll be as big as the Wii but wait till the wii gamers migrate over Xmas and an obvious price drop once ps4 and xbox720 hit the market...

Really great numbers for the VITA This year looks promising for Sonys handheld some great games coming out and with the connection possibilities with ps4 it's install base can only get bigger which should spark a fire under some 3rd party publishers arses and start making more games!!..

I got my big old PHAT 60gig ps3 day 1 and I had every faith that Sony would once again come out on top!... The numbers don't lie and I'd say its still got another good 5 years support for the late adopters, Sony only just stopped making the PS2..

Can't wait for PS4 day 1 for me as I have no doubt Sony will once again smash it next gen

1up2021d ago

and nintendo still has a solid lead in total sales from the last gen wii... yeah nintendos still number one, way to go nintendo!

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AngelicIceDiamond2022d ago

Its all fake. Both MS and Sony are above 74 and 73M units sold.

eferreira2021d ago

Ya vg chartz is off. Ps3 is already ahead of the 360

AngelicIceDiamond2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Ok so wait a minute? Despite these numbers dead wrong I still don't understand the how Sony is in "first place" that everyone claims.

November 2012 Sony announce they have sold 70 million PS3's. Before that MS announced in September 2012 they sold 70m Xbox's.

Which made them both neck and neck.

If I remember correctly black Friday weekend MS sold 750k Xbox's and Sony did over 500k. And MS sold over a million Xbox's in December.

Sony hadn't released December sales. But how does that equal 77 million sold from November to now? When MS did nearly 2 million sales in November and December combined. making the 360 the hottest sold console during the holiday?

February 2013 MS announced 76 million consoles sold total. Jack Tretton was unsure how many PS3 sold he was going by the GDC report which turned out to be just shipped numbers. Sony had nothing to do with those reported numbers

From September to now MS sold 6 mill. From November to now its no way Sony did 7 mill So lets throw that out of the equation. So realistically they're neck and neck with Xbox a little over mill or so sold leading the PS3.

I'm just trying to make sense out of all this.

gobluesamg2021d ago

^^Poor guy or girl cares so much for no reason. Looking up and remembering all of these sales numbers. What a hollow existence. I enjoy reading these comments. Makes me feel better about myself.

roshi19872021d ago

This is what hes refering to. Sony took the lead already.

Jockamo2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

^Hi gobluesamg, that's what this article/discussion is about. Please get out. Delete acct. tia

TedCruzsTaint2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )


You are coming off as a little man with a loud mouth and the need of attention, protected by the anonymity of a computer screen.

Just saying.

gobluesamg2021d ago

I'm actually 6'4" and 245 lbs. Firefighter. I ain't scared of [email protected]#ckin anything pal. Jockamo kiss my ass. I'll be around.

TedCruzsTaint2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Total badass right here.

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SilentNegotiator2021d ago

Nothing too surprising. Wii U doing less than half of the Vita is pretty worrying for Wii U, though; Vita may have cut its price, but those still aren't gangbuster numbers to have done half of.

MakiManPR2021d ago

I laugh at everyone that skip the 3DS' numbers

Good Job Nintendo

DivineAssault 2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

3DS is more of a universal handheld.. Children, casuals, & some cores buy it so its naturally going to thrive.. Vita is more of a core gamers handheld so its numbers growing shows the core market is still there..

Thats good news because if the core handheld gaming market goes dry, thats less games we get to play that utilize that beautiful machine..

otherZinc2021d ago

Again, you guys will believe anything.

As arrogant as SONY is ("you will get 2 jobs to buy this $600 PS3"), they had a clear opportunity to announce "In Front Of Its Investors" at the PS4 Revealing: SONY is the #1 selling console world wide.

BUT IT DIDNT! Know why:
Because It Isn't the Number 1 Selling Console!

Godchild10202021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

You do know it was the future of PlayStation and not where we are currently at, right?

Why would they announce how many PS3s they sold or shipped, if the whole meeting was about the PlayStation 4 and what the future holds for Sony and their consumer.

MysticStrummer2021d ago

Did they talk about any business numbers at all? I honestly don't remember any, and I watched the entire presentation. They've talked about those numbers many times before, but they don't do it at every show.

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Shadow Flare2022d ago

PS3 on track to becoming the top selling console this generation

CoolBeansRus2021d ago

Really? How is that? Do you not count the Wii? I would like for you to explain to me how you came up with this conclusion.

brish2021d ago

@Shadow Flare

From the article you left a link for:

"But here we are today, with an estimated 77 million PS3s sold worldwide, about 23 million units behind the market leader, the Wii - and enough potential in the console to carry on past Nintendo's high-flying system."

Wii is in the highest selling console this generation so far and the ps3 needs to sell 23 million consoles to match it (assuming no additional wii's are sold).

The ps3 definitely has momentum but a 23 million gap is huge. I find it unlikely that the ps3 will surpass the wii.

Personally I would like the ps3 to win this generation but I just don't see it happening.

CoolBeansRus2021d ago

It is possible for them to do it, but if it does happen it will probably be around 2018 or something ridiculous like that if it happens at all. Thanks for the article and the thumbs down.

Shadow Flare2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I didn't thumbs down you

Fact is, Sony supports their consoles for a long time

The ps3 still costs more then the Wii did at launch in 2006

Sales are gonna go up a fair bit when prices get cut below the 200 mark and as the article stated, ps2 went on to sell a further 55 million when it went below 200.

It isn't over till its over, the Wii is basically dead now but ps3 has enough potential momentum to overtake it

Frankly until recently I conceded the fact that Wii was gonna to hold the number 1 spot, and that was fine as the Wii has been such an explosive success. So the fact that the evidence shows ps3 is likely to eventually overtake it is quite remarkable, and a staggering achievement worthy of praise

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SPARDA_4262022d ago

Damn, look at those PS Vita sales :D

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Holy Crap the vita neck and neck with 360 .. wow and psp sold almost the same as wii-u O.o

LOL_WUT2022d ago

Yea its sales have certainly increased. I wonder if it can keep up that momentum for the next couple of months. As for the Wii U well, not much has improved, a good price cut could put them back in the race. ;)

bothebo2022d ago

I wish them luck with that since Nintendo is taking a loss and so are retailers.

Apollosupreme2022d ago

They have a bunch of games on the way appealing to the Japanese market. I would say yes.

stuna12022d ago

PS vita doing good so glad.