Gearbox reveals next Borderlands 2 DLC includes a new vault hunter

Joystiq - During a panel at SXSW, Borderlands 2 developer Gearbox has revealed a new vault hunter is coming to its RPG-fueled first-person shooter.

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GreenRanger2025d ago

That crowd is easily impressed.

jaymart2k2025d ago

Let's me guess, still no level increase?

admiralvic2025d ago

Well it IS coming this year... assuming we can still trust anything Gearbox / Randy says.

showtimefolks2025d ago

They said its coming in march and now it's march so it should be pretty soon. They also said it won't be a little raise they wanted to raise it by a lot and give people another reason to start a 3rd play through

I am hopeful we will hear something very soon because I am tired of level 50

On a side note:

Played the main game
Start vault hunter mode
Played through scarlet and bad ass DLC and now started sir hammer's DLC and still not one rare weapon. The loot in the 1st game was much better because playing the game for 50-75 hrs and still not getting one weapon which I can say kicked serious ass is not my idea of fun

dumahim2025d ago

Melee focused? No thanks.

Dasteru2025d ago

F*** yeah, sword+board scag hunting.

DarthJay2025d ago

What's the point of a Season Pass if you're just going to develop extra DLC outside of the Season Pass too? Isn't the reward for giving you my money before you even tell me what the content inside the Season Pass will actually be receiving all of the downloadable content you release for the game? First Gearbox releases $15 worth of skin packs and now they are going to try and sell me another character outside of the pass? All of this without officially telling me I can raise my character's level above level 50 and nerfing one of my favorite ways to play the game, and all of this after they just knowingly and probably fraudulently hyped a game up to an extremely hardcore fanbase and left them with a pile of crap for the SECOND time (DNF/A:CM).

Why am I supposed to trust Gearbox again? I gave you $150 for the Loot Box. I gave you $30 for the Season Pass. Then I bought the game on PS3 too. Then I bought the six of the NECA figures and seven of the IDW comics. I get that you are a business, but you're are starting to get into dangerous territory.

But I'm sure I'm just a rager, huh Randy? It's getting a little hard to defend...

ironfist922025d ago

Just wait for the GOTY edition

Dasteru2025d ago

Are they seriously charging extra for DLC while the season pass is still valid? If so, that is fraud.

The entire purpose of a season pass is that you get ALL DLC released during the valid duration of the pass.

admiralvic2025d ago

No, the point of the season pass is to give you X content for Y price. From day 1 the pass entitled you to the following:

"Can't get enough Borderlands 2? Grab the Borderlands 2 Season Pass and get access to four downloadable content packs for Borderlands 2 at one discounted price."

That is EXACTLY how it was worded and the image showed 4 colored blocks to represent the DLC. So far Scarlett / Torgue / Hammerlock have been free with the Season Pass and the discount still holds true. Additionally Gearbox confirmed there would be paid DLC shortly after release (see my other post), so this is at most a bad business move, but far from fraud or anything of the like.

admiralvic2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

While I certainly don't disagree with you, the Season Pass WAS clearly detailed before it was sold.

"Can't get enough Borderlands 2? Grab the Borderlands 2 Season Pass and get access to four downloadable content packs for Borderlands 2 at one discounted price."

It was also confirmed shortly after the game released that there WOULD be DLC sold outside of the pass, so I don't see the problem. ( )

Randy confirmed that the level cap increase would happen this year, but no clue as to when. Now if you don't trust Randy, I can certainly understand why, though that isn't a reason to consider the increase as unconfirmed.

While I get that hating Gearbox is the cool thing to do right now, at least call them out for things they ACTUALLY did. Being uninformed or not reading doesn't instantly make your point valid because you dislike the company / think they're unethical.

DarthJay2025d ago

If there is anything I can NOT be accused of, it's being a Gearbox hater. I am about as far from it as possible. My point is that it's getting a little hard to defend them.

admiralvic2025d ago

"getting hard to defend them"

Point of the Season Pass? As the description of the pass reads, 4 DLC packs. You're entitled to nothing more than that.
Whats the reward? 4 packs for the price of 3 or saving $10 dollars.
Selling nonpass DLC? Randy confirmed this prior and the Season Pass never said it was included.
Without confirming the level cap increase? Randy said in an interview that they were looking into it and confirmed the next day it would happen this year. So yes it has been confirmed.
Nerfing The Bee - The Bee is still a great shield to use, it's just not as amazing against bosses. If you rather play with The Bee, simply don't install the patch and get your fill. You can play the first 2 DLC packs (at least PS3 side) without losing The Bee, so you DO have options.
Blah Blah Blah Aliens / DNF hate. While Aliens certainly lowers their creditability (DNF had a history of problems, poor looking videos and a AWFUL, but accurate demo to prevent you from buying) , I wouldn't say anything you claim is suddenly worse (especially because most of your anger comes from being uninformed...) because of it. Now if you wanted to bring up outsourcing the DLC without revealing that, then yes I fully agree, but thats another topic for another day.

It really isn't that hard to defend Gearbox or anyone when you only have yourself to blame. They were upfront about most of these things and have kept their word so far. Sure Aliens is a great reason to distrust them, but it shouldn't (and is pretty much my original point) be an excuse to call them out for your own ignorance.

Heisenburger2025d ago

He didn't call anybody out, buddy. He simply voiced his thoughts on the matter at hand.

You need to back off and stop putting words into peoples' mouths. That shows off YOUR ignorance.

DarthJay2025d ago

It's not ignorance. I knew what the Season Pass. I said WHAT IS THE POINT of a Season Pass if they are going to just put out DLC outside of it. A Season Pass implies that you are getting all the DLC that comes out. I KNOW what was said. I know because I have been an uber Borderlands fanboy and Gearbox could do no wrong to me.

What you don't seem to get is that now I feel like they are exploiting people like me, and I 100% have a right to feel that way. Kind of like they exploited the hardcore Duke Nukem and Aliens fans by saying "oh yeah, this is going to be amazing, this is going to be amazing, look how amazing it is!" and then putting out products that were nothing like what was advertised. And I bought BOTH on released day.

So don't give me any of that BS. I'd address other things you said, but there is no point. Everything I said is 100% valid. I don't want to feel this way, but I am tired of being nickeled and dimed by these guys. Blame myself for what? Being a fan? Feeling like I am being used? Get over yourself.

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