Sony Santa Monica: “I Think There’s Still Life in Kratos,” PS4 “Feels Like a Significant Boost”

Now that development for God of War: Ascension has been completed and the game is going on sale next week, just what Sony Santa Monica will be doing next is a question many people, myself included, want answered. Are they going to create something on PlayStation 4? Is it going to be another God of War game? Will they start a new franchise?

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TrendyGamers1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Or a game starring Deimos - Brother of the God of War.

xHeavYx1684d ago

Personally, I'd like a game after the events of GOW 3 where gods from other religions try to take control over Olympus

Skips1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


Naw dude, if they ever went into the Norse or Egyptian mythologies, than I personally would want them to create a whole new character. Start fresh.

But if they DO decide to continue Kratos' story, (which I don't mind at all, if Master Chief gets a whole new trilogy next gen, why can't Kratos? lol) then I would want him to take on the Primordials. Those supposedly all powerful beings who created the universe. I would also like to know what the CRAP happened to Kratos' families souls after GOWIII.


Totally agree about Deimos having his own game. Maybe on the Vita?


Dude, I hear you. I personally wanted new moves. Not different controls (maybe changed slightly) but like, at least different looking attacks you know? lol I also kinda wanted the classic Spartan spear and shield to become main/side weapons like the Nemean Cestus were. I LOVE how they looked in the MP. I was also a little bit disappointed that they used the same kill animations on the Chimera and big metal statue looking dude. :/ They should've changed up the death animations for returning enemies like they did with the Cyclops.

Thatguy-3101684d ago

They should honestly try making it from a First perspective in oppose to third one. It will bring a new sense of freshness to the series. For example the reviews for Ascension aren't bad because of the game itself. I think most people just want something new out of the series.

cannon88001684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

If they make a ps4 game with Deimos (Kratos' brother), it should be called Bro of War.

alexisbernal21683d ago

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Bathyj1684d ago

you just wrinkled my brain

The_Infected1684d ago

C'mon please don't milk this game just take a break and make a new IP. I like GoW but it's time to move on IMO.

Skips1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

New IP for the first 4 years on PS4. Then once they are completely familiar with the tech



releasing in the same year as Gran Turismo 7, Uncharted 5, Insert crap loads of new IP's here, and Killzone Shadow Fall 2. One can only dream. lol

ThreeShitsty1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I would like to see a new ip from Santa Monica something like a Thor game... The God of Thunder smashing some bitches...
Just think on it with the ps4 power and Santa Monica's Knowledge Ahhhhh sweet epicness!!!

ABizzel11684d ago

I agree I just don't think there's much left in Greek Mythology.

Now's the time to think of what direction to take the series in (Norse Mythology & Ragnarok). Whether Kratos should be the main character or not (Thor / a new Odinson).

I love the series and it's one of my top 5 franchises of all time, but I think now's the time for a new direction with the PS4. They have the forumla down, but now they need to evolve it with new hardware, and new ideas.

As I said Norse Mythology would be the easiest transition.

rpd1231684d ago

A game about the Ragnarok made by Santa Monics would be orgasmic.

Derekvinyard131684d ago

Why don't they start a whole new mythology with similar style? GOW needs a rest

whoyouwit041684d ago

Yes it does, It's one of those milked games. And to be honest I was really disappointed in 3, So a new one wouldn't do any thing for me personally.

Knight_Crawler1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Well said - I personally think that God of War should have went the final fantasy direction where the games are all called FF but the story starts over.

They should have made i that in every game there is a new god of war character...I know Kratos is bad a$$ but I am pretty sure that Santa Monica could pull it off - Cloud was my favorite FF character but I still enjoyed many others as well.

Hydralysk1684d ago

There's only so many games about an angry man who only 2 responses are yelling and murder can go without needing a break.

Seriously we had GoW 1-3, Ascension, and both PSP games. Ultraviolence via quicktime event can only go so far before it becomes old.

garos821684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Or bros before hoes of war

violents1684d ago

what kratos as an angsty teenager?

x5exotic1683d ago

GoW: God of War
Developed by ninja theory

Haha, do not want.

IAmLee1683d ago

Not arsed what it is. I love Kratos.

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TrendyGamers1684d ago

He's died so many times, how can there still be life in him?!

Relientk771684d ago

Meth, it's a hell of a drug

TrendyGamers1684d ago

Isn't it supposed to be cocaine?

Relientk771684d ago

^ that too

any really work

Xaphy1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

It would be interesting to see what new approaches they would take with ps4 gameplay and story wise.

Wedge191684d ago

Kratos is coming to Utah! Time to take on the Mormons!

CryofSilence1684d ago

I live in Utah, so I'm screwed. :3

Wedge191684d ago

Me too ha ha. I'd try to side with him, but Kratos sides with no one but himself.

1684d ago