5 Things To Do While Waiting For SimCity To Load

The Koalition writes: "Its no secret EA has been having a bad week. With issues racking up and bad news going viral, I thought I would take the time out to show the bright side of things for SimCity fans. Instead of pouting and complaining on message boards you can take the time out to do something productive. Here are five things you can do while waiting for your precious SimCity to come back. Thank god for DRM."

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rbailey1899d ago

A funny and entertaining list. I'm not surprised that EA has once again failed as a company. Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 3, SimCity, and Dragon Age 3 is next. Absolutely ridiculous.

ATi_Elite1899d ago

Battlefield 3 is the only EA game I own (I think)!

SimCity has been having a ton of problems and that's too bad cause Millions of Gamers were waiting for it and EA (too busy pumping out Battlefield 3 DLC) has ruined Sim City for it's audience.

titans99991899d ago

5 things to do while waiting for Sim City to load;
1. Take the disc out of your computer.
2. Return the game
3. POP in sim city 4 because it has no FUCKING DRM BULLSHIT
4. Have fun playing sim city 4 until GTA 5 comes out
5. Never buy another fucking game from EA ever again and strike DRM games!!!

Pathosverdes31899d ago

1. Relax, take a break
2. Read a book
3. Take your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husb and/dog for a walk
4. Do some shopping, cook a meal, enjoy
5. Visit family, watch a movie