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DLC – Scourge or Saviour of Gaming?

Planet Ivy: It seems painfully obvious that many game publishers are trying to take our wallets hostage at (virtual) gunpoint by preying on the biggest weakness of gamers: their need for completeness.

Oblivion’s now infamous horse armour may have been the first such offending item (for a purely cosmetic change), but many more have been cropping up with alarming regularity in newer releases. Take Dead Space 3 as an example. In addition to only allowing those who bought the game new or purchased a code to access the online features of the game, EA released 11 pieces of DLC on day one.

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Community2078d ago
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therealmccoy2078d ago
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therealmccoy2078d ago

It's all about Greed in my opinion, for both gamers and developers.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2078d ago

DLC is being abused so hard this gen... looking at you Capcom ,,ll,,

Yi-Long2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

... the more these developers are trying to milk me through DLC for some extra money, the less they end up getting from me.

So many games I've been interested in, and was willing to buy at full price on day one, I refused to buy because of DLC. Often waiting 1-2 years for a 'complete' release for only 20-30 bucks orso from the bargain-bin, or even skipping it completely cause I lost interest.

I don't buy incomplete games. And because of DLC there have really been very few games this generation that I've bought full price.

CyberCam2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@Yi-Long, I see we are of the same mindset, that's exactly what I do/have done this gen. I'm actually not going to buy any next-gen console for a while (if I do at all), until I get a good idea of the structure & content pricing.

Right now I'm having too much fun with ArmA 3 & PC games in general.

Not all devs/pubs are bad, look at Bohemia Interactive... those guy have the perfect structure!

They embrace their community and give great value for their product. They openly embrace modders to create whatever addons sp/mp/coop missions they want and not close up their code. They are smart enough to have their community improve the game for them!

Their addon dlc packs are actually worth it, as they change the dynamic of the game, instead making a few maps & weapons.

Sovereign592078d ago

I like DLC when it's announced a few months after the game's initial release and is well thought out content that adds something worthy of the asking price to the game. Unfortunately, such DLC is quite rare. When we get a season pass announced a month before the game is even out, with 4 pieces of content already given individual release dates, or at least a general time frame within which their release can be expected, this is when I worry about the quality of the content. But by far the most EVIL of ALL the DLC content... the disc-locked content. That's just sinister.

Relientk772078d ago

I personally just don't like DLC unless its free. The only money I am willing to spend on a game is at the point of purchase and getting the game itself.

Extra missions/quests/add-ons for a game? make them free, or add them into the game before release

Yi-Long2078d ago

... I also feel that a developer who keeps supporting it's game beyond it's release for free will have less trouble with 2nd hand sales.

I'm more willing to buy a game full price if I know the DLC will be free, and it will also mean I will KEEP the game, instead of selling it after completing it.

The industry is complaining about 2nd hand sales!? Then they need to make sure people don't WANT to sell their games!That they want to hang on to them. And you accomplish that by adding extra stuff over time.

Thefreeman0122078d ago

I've never liked dlc... It always seems to be added on crap that coulda been sold with the game....I miss the days when a game was made, everything was included

level 3602078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

Prefer free DLC, but I do will pay ( depends ) - if it's on an absolute favorite game I play/replay a lot then definitely, if not I'll wait and check the site from time-to-time if they have heavily discounted the DLC.

PS4isKing_822078d ago

Dlc is a scam. The ps2 days were full of games that had a shitload of extra content without paying extra. As long as the player fulfilled the required number of playthroughs or certain challenges, we were rewarded with extra costumes, powers, and other goodies. And we only paid a one time fee for the game, usually $50 and that was it.

But this gen, not only are games costing more, but we're even charged for the extras we used to get for free. I don't mind a couple of small dlc items every once in awhile, but most of the time it's large chunks of content that should be in the game already.

I'm sorry but gaming used to be so much better than it is today.
Greed has just taken over my fav hobby and it's sickening.

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