Become a Video Game Expert With This Real College Course Online For Free

The Koalition writes: "The University of Wisconsin–Madison has partnered with Coursera to offer a video game course online for free. Coursera has been at the forefront of free online college courses that range in everything from computer science, physiology, and now video games."

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ElectroJade1902d ago

This is awesome! Thank you!

Relientk771902d ago

I'm gonna look into this, thanx for posting this

rbailey1902d ago

This seems like an extensive beginner course and at the free pricetag definitely something worth looking into.

isarai1902d ago

already near my bachelors in game design, but i still might check this out, doesn't hurt to improve for free :)

r211902d ago

VGHS, such a fun cheesy series by Freddy :D Might give it a try but my laziness may prove too much for this.