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5 Ways The Launches Of The Next Playstation And Xbox Will Follow In The Wii U's Footsteps

The Wii U has had it's troubles, but the next Xbox and Playstation may be in for similarly rough times. (Dev, Industry, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

theWB27  +   904d ago
The single BIGGEST reason to me is because this gen feels like it has legs left. We arent as tired of this gen visuals as we were last gen..hence most will wait. They will always have people( like me ) who want adopt early.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   904d ago
I think your point is true when it comes to the Wii U, as it hard to tell its games apart from the PS3 and XBOX 360(to the general public).

But with the Xbox 720 and the PS4 the leap will much more noticeable, but also, their connectivity to social media services is going to always keep them in the spotlight. So I don't see them falling in the same holes as the Wii U.

The Wii U was supposed to bring us a new way to play, but people are not buying too much into it. It seems that the new way to play is to actually live stream your game session, with live commentaries and chats and stuff. As opposed to having a second screen in your hand.

People are going to be on campus and watching their homies, or favorite players play from the laptops, Vitas and tablets, phones. I've said it before, I think Nintendo got it wrong this gen, play and simple.
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Deku-Johnny  +   904d ago
The reason it's hard to tell most Wii U games apart from PS360 is completely down to the developers. The Wii U has been proven to be capable of graphics much better than 7th gen consoles but developers can't be bothered to put the effort in.
bullymangLer  +   904d ago
And yur judging the wiiU in its infancy? Hhoh mann . .

Todos modos, back to what matters . .

Was that an actual in-game pikmin 3 pic in this article?

Miyamoto exposed the other day that this time in pikmin 3, we would be able to take pics of the land and share the in game snaps with others. The pictures he showed us of this feature revealed FACE to FACE shots of huge monsters/bolborbs and glowing mushrooms the size of street lamps, as if pikmin 3 was to now be in 1st person mode. That would give us a whole NEW camera angle from which to experience the pikmin world = An ants eye view, up close and personal with these beasts. not just a birds eye view anymore. .
What if this is true? . . . . . .

My chest is thumping just like when i was about to have sex for the very first time
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FarCryLover182  +   904d ago
I am tired as hell of this gens visuals. They have improved since they debuted in 2005 and 2006, but there's not an extreme difference from then and now.
PopRocks359  +   904d ago
Go play Call of Duty 2 then go play The Last of Us when it comes out then get back to me.
Indo  +   904d ago
I just don't see it happening. Sony and MS got too much reputation on the line to let down so many loyal followers.
s45gr32  +   904d ago
What a joke of an article these are issues Nintendo suffered at launch. Next box won't have any issues regarding networking that is were they are good at. Both Microsoft and Sony have strong third party support, so we will see tons of third party games. Sony has like 20 in house gaming studios so exclusives will be available for the PS4. Is over for Nintendo deal with it.
Ju  +   904d ago
Who ever wrote the article lacks the fundamental understanding how different the Wii/WiiU is compared to PS3/4 and xbox.

Nintendo was riding the wave of motion controls. They were never a SW powerhouse to write a sophisticated OS, hence their trouble with the WiiU, it's OS and the network services.

Nintendo has no (!) experience with modern game development - shader technology in particular. I don't actually know how their dev tools look, but this sure has an impact.

While for the next PS360 generation this all has been done before. PS3 was a great test bed for Sony's online services, GPGPUs are pretty much a known by now. Live won't change that much. All the technology is already here it will get improved and extended. But it is build on a solid foundation.

Also, WiiU is not enough leap against PS360, that market is already saturated. PS360 players don't "need" another PS360. And the handfull of games are not incentive enough to dish out another $400 - not if there is another console on the horizon which will blow it out of the water. The WiiU competes against current and next gen consoles. That article is just so wrong on so many levels.
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theWB27  +   904d ago
That's who I was speaking of. The general public, that person on the fence wont be as inclined to adopt as early as last gen. I agree with the rest of what you said.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   904d ago
The only thing I did not like about the WiiU Launch is that in the hype leading-up to the WiiU I was lead to believe that the WiiIU would both play games and make delicious coffee-drinks.
If PS4 or 720 do this I am changing allegiance.

Anyway, I think this writer is right-on.
There will be the same problems unless Sony and Microsoft pay big buck for Exclusives.

The Operating system is too early to tell, hopefully they read this article and change it before release.
arbitor365  +   904d ago
please. the PS4 is NOTHING like the wii u. it is the polar opposite

the PS4 isn't hard to develop for.
it doesnt have online that is barely catching up to current gen
it has an insanely strong launch lineup
it has universal third party support

sony isnt making any of the mistakes that nintendo made with the wii u. that isnt fanboyism. that is simply reality.
SpiralTear  +   904d ago
Polar opposite...yeah.

Giving credit where credit is due, the Wii U online needs serious work and the PS4 developer infrastructure is a healthy improvement over the PS3's.

However, the rest of what you're saying is flatout incorrect and the fact that you're treating it as "reality" is downright depressing.

Having ANOTHER Killzone game does not an "insanely strong launch lineup" make. Knack looks cool, as does The Witness, but we're getting ports of current-gen (and PC) games too...just like the Wii U did.

You can call this "reality" if you want, but I don't recall any game console launch in recent memory to be as flawless as you believe the PS4 launch will be. Something will happen. Will it ruin the PS4? I highly doubt it, but what you're saying is fanboyism. Plain and simple, case closed.
arbitor365  +   904d ago
"Having ANOTHER Killzone game does not an "insanely strong launch lineup" make. "

we have infamous, killzone, knack, driveclub, the witness, watchdogs, destiny, deep down, watchdogs, diablo 3, and GTA 5. how is that not an insane launch lineup? how is that even comparable to the wii u, whose biggest launch window titles were zombie u, nintendo land, and new smb u?

you are out of your mind if you think that isnt a strong launch lineup

"but we're getting ports of current-gen (and PC) games too...just like the Wii U did."

the PS4 is getting next gen ports. the wii u got sub par last gen ports. there is no comparison to be made. the wii u got ports of games that were six months to a year old and couldnt even match last gen consoles in performance.

"However, the rest of what you're saying is flatout incorrect and the fact that you're treating it as "reality" is downright depressing."

nothing I said is incorrect. they are facts.

the the x86 infrastructure combined with 8gbs of memory is powerful and easy to developer for. FACT

the PS4 has a launch lineup consisting of numerous AA and AAA titles. FACT

the PS4's online speed and features are miles ahead of the wii u's. FACT

the vast majority of developers have already signed on to working on the PS4. FACT

the reason why this is depressing to you, is because you are a butthurt nintendo fanboy.
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truechainz  +   904d ago
The Wii U isn't hard to develop for. It will be a great place for indie developers, which doesn't matter for a lot of people (hence the word indie) but has value still. To say they are polar opposites is extreme but I am glad they are different. I don't want two PS4's I want something unique since I rarely get that with Sony (not saying never, just rarely). Sony isn't making the same mistakes as Wii U. They will however make different ones so let's not act like they are perfect.It is irrelevant because both with make great additions to my entertainment center.
s45gr32  +   903d ago
Can indie game developers getting the full support from Nintendo, are they allowed to run their own networks. Is the development kit cheap enough for indies, do indy game developers can update and patch their games as they please. As of right now these independent developers are allowed to set their own prices for their games. The Ouya on the other hand is what these developers dream of meaning no paying for development kits, royalty fees, etc. can patch and update their games as much as they please and have direct contact with gamers. Sorry the wii u doesn't offer any of that and until they do then indy game developers will support the wii u.
truechainz  +   903d ago
There already is a surprising amount of support from them on the Wii U eshop. Obviously the Ouya will be the preferred choice, but the Wii U will still get some support. Much more than the PS4 will.
Deku-Johnny  +   904d ago
I have no doubt the PS4 and 720 will suffer those problems but that doesn't say anything about Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. Pretty much every console ever released has had most of those problems at launch. They'll all move on from those problems and flourish.
DivineAssault  +   904d ago
you boobs can think PS4 will be like wii u in sales & support but i highly doubt that..
smashcrashbash  +   904d ago
I am not sure what people keep on talking about the PS4 having a weak line up.We have several third party games plus at least two new IPs plus a beautiful looking Killzone and an awesome looking Infamous.Plus there are still games coming out from the other studios that we haven't even heard of yet. So with most third party developers supporting Sony plus their own developer force I am not sure what people are going on about a weak line up. I am certain if the Wii U had these types of third party games when it was launched no one would be calling their line up weak despite it being a multiplat game.The launch line up for the PS4 is actually looking pretty good actually and that isn't even all the games.We haven't even heard from Quantic Dream, ND or Sony Santa monica what they have in store for us.
madjedi  +   904d ago
Lets see 1st party games will not be delayed because they have been doing hd games for a full generation.

Both have experience in designing and optimizing os's, especially microsoft.

Both have full generations of developing and maintaining a network for online gaming and social/community features, edge ms again.

Both haven't grown a reputation for totally fucking over it's core users to chase the casual market(ms is very close).

And they aren't being questioned as to which generation they belong in, the last gen or next gen. Gamers know they are the next gen systems, none of this is in question.

Sorry i almost forgot to add, the 3rd party support will be tremendous, unlike with the wii u.

Not every ps3 or 360 owner is going to upgrade day one, to think otherwise is simply stupid. You have different waves of gamers picking the console up at different times.

But this seems to be the new spin regarding the wii u's numbers, because the mainstream market doesn't want the wii u, the industry as a whole is going downhill/about to crash. It's impossible for some people to believe that maybe people just don't want the wiiu.
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