Trion Worlds on a Defiance Beta for PS3: “You are Totally Getting one”

PC owners have had the privilege of playing through the Defiance beta multiple times already, and though the PlayStation 3 never received one, Trion Worlds always promised that it was coming.

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TrendyGamers1906d ago

Only a few more Tuesdays before the game.

Scumbag-Steve1906d ago ShowReplies(3)
Relientk771906d ago

Awesome, glad to know the PS3 is getting the beta

BanBrother1906d ago

Ya I got an invite to the beta, but didn't play it because it was PC only. At least now I can play it before buying it. I hope to god it doesn't fail. The only thing stopping it is how active and large the community is, a d whether it is too ambitious for current gen.

Wedge191906d ago

So many games! So little time!

Foolsjoker1906d ago

No subscription fee....maybe.

MysticStrummer1906d ago

They said a long time ago. No subscription.

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