EA Admits Games Can Do Better For The LGBT Community

Yesterday in New York City, Electronic Arts held a special event focused on queer issues in gaming. And it happened mostly because the company itself was willing to face its own stumbles in presenting gay characters in its video game

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BigStef712025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Why is it Kotaku always has these articles?lol

I agree but you know its America there always has to be a group complaining about something lmao

KingKelloggTheWH2025d ago

.It's cause Kotaku is a liberal mess who is just trying to push their agendas on everyone.

knowyourstuff2025d ago

Kotaku is definitely a liberal mess pushing their agendas on everyone, when they should be talking about "Why push developers to be inclusive in their art, rather than letting them just create whatever art they want to create?"

I want a developer's questions to be "How can we write a good story? How can we perfectly mesh the gameplay with the story? What mechanisms can we use to create more immersion?"

Please don't waste everyone's time, and your precious development time with bullsh*t questions like "How can we change the story to make it inclusive towards gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, and every other confused person on the planet? Should we have the option to make all our characters gay or just a few? How will gay people feel if one gay person is a little too flamboyant... will we get hate mail and bad press?"

It's art, do whatever you want, not what politicians and the politically correct lobbyists want.

KingKelloggTheWH2025d ago

@ knowyourstuff
I'd like to hug you.

morganfell2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Yeah, the LGBT community would love to be included...until they get treated like everyone else and suddenly the character representing their community is the bad guy, morally corrupt, with no redeeming qualities.

They don't really want equality because equality really means the right to be bashed like everyone else. What they really want is to be painted in the manner in which they exist...but only in their head.

There is good and bad in LGBTville like everywhere else but developers will be damned if they give them true equality. And developers won't. They'll be too afraid of the backlash so we'll get the same bad guys we have always had.

I remember when RE5 was enroute and people like N'gai Croal were having a fit. I asked him if he had actually ever been to Africa and was he aware it wasn't a continent full of people wearing brightly colored clothes, singing kumbaya, eating a bountiful feast at some massive picnic.

A lot of minority groups, both racial and social want inclusion and representation as long as they are treated with kid gloves and provided a shining, sanitized representation.

Besides, there are bigger issues to tackle than lifestyle representation. How about decent AI period. Oh wait, that doesn't work on a poster in the window of Gamestop.

Jackhass2025d ago

Because they get folks like you talking I guess!

ATi_Elite2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

WTF! Does LGBT community have to do with

Game mechanics
hit detection
Environmental Detail
Gamer input
Mods tools
Lag free Servers
Entertainment value

These are the things important to me in video games. I do not care about a characters sexual preference and I do not want Devs wasting time with this when they need to focus on the things listed in my list.

($60 million video game production cost, spent $40 million making sure Heterosexuals and LGBT community were represented in game, too bad the Graphics, Sound, and Physics budget had to be slashed)

If you want LGBT Community style characters then go watch Pron!!!

2pacalypsenow2025d ago

who cares about the LGBT community? gaming should be the same it shouldn't change to please a bunch of people who whine about equality and yet make liitle social groups . Just live like you want and stop trying to get everyone to accept you

Chuk52025d ago

No offence, but your comment couldn't sound anymore ignorant.

Cueil2025d ago

they a fraction of a fraction of the population... insignificant in the bigger picture

Bimkoblerutso2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I don't mean to sound like I think the lgbt community is "insignificant" but heterosexual game developers should not have to adjust their vision to cater to a particular demographic.

I'm sorry you are underrepresented in the industry, but perhaps you should be trying to raise interest within your community instead of trying to force your lifestyle on others.

FarCryLover1822025d ago

I wholly agree with 2pac. Just "forcing" characters to be that way in their games should not happen. There's nothing wrong with LGBT characters in games at all. But having an agenda to "make sure the LGBT community is represented" seems kinda unnatural to me. It should just happen naturally.

But EA should be doing better for all gamers by abstaining from anti-consumer policies and ethics.

oOMICHAELOo2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

Great comment! As for the people who will & have called this comment ignorant STFU! Nobody is more ignorant than you all who refuse to accept peoples opinion on the matter at hand. I get so sick & tired of this lifestyle being forced down peoples throats.

Worst thing is most of the people who get offended when people speak their minds aren't even homosexuals... It's like let people have their opinions. Not everybody will agree with homosexuality, and it's their right to feel this way. As long as they aren't telling people to go kill all the gays STFU!

As for this article, please I do not want to be forced into homosexual interactions when it comes to my games.

KingKelloggTheWH2025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

I hate how Ea does this crap for publicity and to make themselves look good.

Chuk52025d ago

I'm all for gaming growing, and I believe there are social contexts that have been neglected. But for F***sake EA, how about delievering working products? How about not reducing games to check boxes. You need to work on how to run properly before you tackle other issues.

guitarded772025d ago

So is this a response to SimCity issues?

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