Ouya Now Open for Game Submissions

Android developers who are looking to release their games on the little white cube are now welcomed to submit them, with the opportunity to get some free marketing out of the deal.

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DivineAssault 1717d ago

i dont see this thing catching on

SonyWarrior1717d ago

I was excited when it was on kickstarter but my hype died after I seen who was behind it and seen specs so i didnt preorder it. I think i may still buy it if it truly is open just to mess around with it

FlyingFoxy1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

What did you expect the specs to be for such a cheap console?..

if you want power spend £800 or so on PC parts.

DivineAssault 1716d ago

im not into casual phone type games so this thing isnt interesting to me in the slightest.. Parents may buy this for their children tho.. All those kids who love phone games can have a console & play on the tv for $100.. Id buy it for a 4-8 yr old kid who isnt into core games yet.. But for me, no thanks..

jakmckratos1717d ago

I just don't see the point of this thing? THere's kinda too many games and non look appealing...

cochise3131717d ago

At the price point, this could be interesting.

MontyQ1717d ago

for $99 which is like nothing, this thing is so tiny and open source be even great just as a XBMC for your hdtv as tegra 3 can do 1080p movies np at all.

konnerbllb1717d ago

I'll be getting an ouya for this reason actually.

CommonSenseGamer1717d ago

This is why I'm interested. As far as media playback goes this thing will probably support all the formats I want without having to convert.

As for the games if they're priced like the play Store then its bound to offer great value for money. Might not feature big budget AAA blockbusters but good gaming is about variety.

I hope it supports the Chrome browser.

MontyQ1716d ago

it well I have not seen a android based device that you cant get chrome off the google play store with its a free download

ziggurcat1717d ago

... and then hackers will find a way to steal games from their online store.

1717d ago
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