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While the story isn’t up to the standards of the other God of War games, it is by no means bad.
It just competes against its own legacy and doesn’t live up to it. When God of War IV inevitably comes out on the PS4, Ascension will end up as a footnote to the God of War saga, much like the PSP games. A good footnote, but still a footnote.

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Hingle_Mcringleberry2020d ago

Just realised, dmc metacritic is totally curb stomping this.

Good_Guy_Jamal2020d ago

I wouldn't say curb stomping. . .mostly because I don't want to be debubbled. . .but also because they're only 7 points apart. Although it is a suprise now that you've pointed it out.

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kwyjibo2020d ago

What GoW really needs is an emo haircut. I heard Raiden can cut hair.

Tontus2020d ago

Well God of war III averaging at 93% on GameRankings & selling around 6 million units curb stomped every hack 'n slash this generation to absolute death.

DmC got a free pass with critics because the hate from the fans compelled critics to make them look stupid by giving it inflated scores (even then it's only 6% higher than GoW:A which is insignificant). DmC is a good game but not great. It also sold terribly so there's that, at least God of War: Ascension will make more than its budget back and will probably outsell DmC on PS3 + 360 combined x 3 so what does acclaim really matter? The video game industry is a business at the end of the day, like all types of business the aim is to make a lot of money, not to have nerdy critics who couldn't get proper jobs blush over your product, how's that going to pay for a house, bills, holidays, cars etc?

God of War: Ascension at about 80% is being trolled big time, there's no way the 13% drop since GoW3 is justified just because of some minor and personal issues. Even if the story does turn out to be nothing special this is a GAME which means GAMEPLAY >>>>>>> Story so that shouldn't detract much.

Some critics have given it trash scores simply for the name of a silly trophy, a lot of incompetent critics found a challenging section frustrating and therefore down-scored the overall game and critics haven't even given the multiplayer a fair chance before dismissing it, the online servers don't launch until a day before release so how are they even judging it adequately anyway?

The general consensus is that it looks amazing, the gameplay & combat is better than ever and the voice acting and score sound great. I don't care for critics whiny complaints over minor things and crying for revolution none of the fans want. I also think the MP is amazing having played the beta extensively.

I think the game deserves a solid 9/10, anything less than an 8/10 is just trolling.

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smashcrashbash2020d ago

Strange how people constantly complained that GOW's story was shallow and now want to bring down the score when they try to bring depth to Kratos's character.I have lost count how many times people complained about Kratos's anger and now that they want to show a more calm Kratos to enhance his character people hate it. You always want something, get it, then hate it just like Resistance.

Unicron2020d ago

Shhh... there's that logic thing again.

Heavenly King2020d ago

this game is looking really spectacular. Cant wait to play it. From every video I have seen, and from what I have played, I can already tell this game will be a lot of fun, just like the others games in this great franchise.

Some playthroughs videos I have seen today are just INSANE!

This game deserves at least a 9/10

TheDivine2019d ago

Game looks great I'm just baffled as to why this wasn't a Vita game. It would've been a system seller and bolstered the library. Instead they make it for the ps3. I would've rather seen it as a launch title for ps4 also. I guess they figured selling a few million on a established console is better than selling a few million consoles. Odd tbh.

Il def grab this but when its 20 like all big games. They all drop in price in a month and I'm stuck with another game on my shelf il never return to. Doing the same with DS3, DMC, Tomb Raider and others. I do support smaller games and niche genres day 1 though just not big games that won't be rare or disappear from shelves. After RE6 and AC3 I put my foot down. I'm still not done with them but they're dirt cheap.