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Since debuting back in 1996, the beloved Tomb Raider franchise has almost become a national treasure, with aristocratic, archaeologist-adventurer protagonist Lara Croft quite possibly becoming the unofficial queen of British video games.

Despite the long-running series undergoing more facelifts than real-life Lara Croft Angelina Jolie, this 2013 reboot was set to be a complete revamp but is it in fact just more of the same?

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greenpowerz1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

There were times when I could not belive what I was looking at(graphically) The environmental graphical effects in the action scenes were breath taking and jaw dropping.
I had the same feeling when I first seen Castlevania game(s) environmetal effects on the NES. In some ways it's the best looking game I've ever seen with the exception of PC games(based on playing the 360 version).

The lighting was more than impressive. The textures/detail are clear, tight and also impressive.

Game is fun with solid enough gameplay and controls. Has beautiful blending of gameplay and Cinematic story. Upgrading weapons and abilities made this game great in the series. Nice open world to take in and explore. Great physics and animations. Impressive envivormental physics. AI can be smart at times.

Only thing wrong with it is replay value design flaws such as extra dificalty settings with the gear and abilities earned not existing after a new play through etc.

Some hit detection issues with enemy animations given priority over your skills/kills.

The auto cover system is done very well and makes you wonder which is better the auto or the manual?


Bluetemplar gave a disagree

starchild1899d ago

I agree. It is a beautiful and really fun game.

e3kehoe1899d ago

This game has me really excited to see whats instore for the upcommig gen..if they can do a game like this one now ,witch is AMAZING!! Five years from now, melt your eyes!!

chrysaorrahl1899d ago

greenpowerz I actually meant to agree with you and hit the wrong button!!!! :|