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Submitted by waltendo 1070d ago | news

Miyamoto Explains Why Nintendo Doesn’t Always Make New IPs

If Nintendo has existing characters that are best suited to new gameplay, according to Miyamoto, it makes more sense to include recognizable characters in new games. (3DS, Wii, Wii U)

sinncross  +   1070d ago
I see where he is coming from and that is fine, Nintendo make fun games and many of their IP's are strong.

Still, I dont think that should stop them from exploring new IP ideas or making new characters etc.
PopRocks359  +   1070d ago
They've done that on the 3DS eShop a little bit. Dillon's Rolling Western is getting its first sequel, and other titles like Sakura Samurai and others have seen a fair share of Nintendo promotion.

I think Nintendo likes to take a safer route with new IPs in that regard, and it's a pretty smart business move. I honestly would not mind seeing a full on console experience about Dillon after the sequel.
Y_5150  +   1069d ago
Pushnmo was a new IP and it's great!
Scumbag-Steve   1070d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MikeMyers  +   1069d ago
What he's saying is essentially what's happening with franchises getting reboots. You have familiar IP's with existing userbases that makes it easier to sell because the name still holds value. New IP's can be more risky.

Nintendo has innovated familiar franchises. Look at how Super Mario has evolved over the years. Same with Metroid and Zelda. They are usually all new experiences with new gameplay elements, not just prettier graphics.

They still need to create new franchises from scratch. What was the last RPG they created and I'm not talking about games they publish with 3rd party publishers like The Last Story.
Kalowest  +   1069d ago
"What was the last RPG they created"
Xenoblade Chronicles, they own Monolith Soft.

"I'm not talking about games they publish with 3rd party publishers like The Last Story."
You mean 2nd or 3rd party devs.
Dj7FairyTail  +   1068d ago
Mistwalker is not a publisher they a developer. They are like platinum games who seek publishers to fund new games with them. Nintendo owns The Last Story.
badz149  +   1069d ago
I don't think he's being totally honest
"If Nintendo has existing characters that are best suited to new gameplay, according to Miyamoto, it makes more sense to include recognizable characters in new games."

I think he meant

"If Nintendo has new games that are best suited to new gameplay, according to Miyamoto, it makes more money to use recognizable characters in new games."

and that's what we call as MILKING of characters!
LOL_WUT  +   1069d ago
'it makes more money to use recognizable characters in new games"
Couldn't have said it any better +1 ;)
PopRocks359  +   1069d ago
So in other words, you're taking his words completely out of context. You guys are not only misrepresenting Miyamoto, you're also misrepresenting the term "milking" in that context as well.

Guitar Hero and Call of Duty do NOTHING to change their formula.

Mario has been in arcade games, sports games, puzzle games, platforming games, kart racers and even RPGs.

How the hell can you call it milking when numerous installments have not even been in the same genre?
GenericNameHere  +   1069d ago
This is what I've been saying to others all this. I'm fine with Nintendo games, but they seriously have to stop putting Mario in everything. Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Soccer, Dr. Mario, Super Mario, Mario DDR, Hotel Mario (ok, bad example)... Mario this, Mario that. Know why Nintendo puts Mario in everything? Because his games SELL. Exchange Mario with another name on the games I listed. Pikmin Kart? Sure, hardcore Nintendo fans and a FEW non-Nintendo fanboys will get, but I bet it won't even reach HALF the sales Mario Kart would get. *Some old dude* Soccer? 10K at the most. I know every other company does the same too, but Mario is one of the most recognizable fictional character in not only the gaming scene, but even the general public all around the world too, as he's been active for over 25 years.

Nintendo NEEDS to create newer characters, rather than having to rely on Mario and Link and Pokémon every generation. Yeah, 3rd party games for the handhelds are abundant and creative, but not much on the console side.
MasterCornholio  +   1069d ago

"Guitar Hero and Call of Duty do NOTHING to change their formula."

And your saying that Nintendo produces a completely unique Mario game with each iteration? The forumula for all the side scrolling Mario games are basically the same.


Super Mario World

Super Mario Bros 3

New Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros Wii

New Super Mario Bros Wii U

Yoshis Island

New Super Mario Bros 2

Oh jeez theres so many side scrolling Mario games that play the same that i got bored of posting them.

But theres a reason why Nintendo have made all these Mario games this way. And thats because many people enjoy them which brings in a ton of revenue for Nintendo. This is the main reason why Nintendo refuses to create anything new is because their old ips still sell well. I can guarantee you that the day Mario stops selling is the day that Nintendo releases a new IP.
Whymii  +   1069d ago
No. That's called smart. Nintendo is not in the business of making games, they are in the business of making money. As long as they are profitable, gamers will get to enjoy whatever gameplay ideas or IPs they create. Many companies have lost sight of this fact and as a result are no longer operating.

Remember that Nintendo has been operating for over 100 years and I can safely assume that most weren't focused on Mario. Who knows what the next 100 years have in store for them, maybe video games will evolve into something unrecognisable to today, but I'm fairly certain they will still be around in some form.

Companies that survive for over 100 years tend to keep on going, think Shell, Mercedes, etc, that's what they are good at, surviving. Why, because they make money regardless of what is happening in the world or changes to technologies and societies.
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animegamingnerd  +   1070d ago
even though monolith nintendo does own so xenoblade a new IP
GenericNameHere  +   1069d ago
I thought Xenoblade is a sequel (or rather a spiritual successor) to Xenosaga on the PS2?
lilbroRx  +   1069d ago
Not really. The creator did relate the characters to Xenogears but they can't take place in the same world just as Xenosaga could not be officially made as a sequel to Xenogears do to Square owning the rights.

Xenoblade is its own original world.
MegaLagann  +   1069d ago
Easy mistake, but no. Originally the game was going to be called "Monado: Beginning of the World" but changed it to Xenoblade as a tribute to Takahashi's hard work on the game and as a nod to his previous games Xenogears and Xenosaga. But none of the games are connected. Xenogears is owned by Square, Xenosaga is owned by Namco and Xenoblade is owned by Nintendo.
TongkatAli  +   1069d ago
Nintendo buy Conkers from Microsoft, little bit of you died when you lost that Ip and it was M rated and still fitted the look of Nintendo characters.
bullymangLer  +   1069d ago
Miyamoto exposed the other day that this time in pikmin 3, we would be able to take pics of the land and share the in game snaps with others. The pictures he showed us of this feature revealed FACE to FACE shots of huge monsters/bolborbs and glowing mushrooms the size of bushes, as if pikmin 3 was to now be in 1st person mode. That would give us a whole NEW camera angle from which to experience the pikmin world = An ants eye view, up close and personal with these beasts, not just a birds eye view. .
What if this is true? . . . . . .
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Relientk77  +   1069d ago
Nintendo make some new IPs
LOL_WUT  +   1069d ago
@ Relientk77 Exactly, well said.

I mean this is fine and all but, that doesn't give Nintendo a pass solely because they're trying to figure out which of their old characters suit their new game. If anything thats playing it safe, Nintendo needs to be more of a risk taker IMO. ;)
lilbroRx  +   1069d ago
They've made dozens of new I.P.s people just pretend they don't exist when bashing them for some reason. I guess it would be to inconvenient for Nintendo haters if they lost the "all Nintendo makes are Mario and Zelda" mantra.

They've only release 3 major 3D Mario titles and 3 major 3D Zelda titles in the last 12 years. Some how that translates into "all that they make".

Brain Academy, Nintendogs, Chibi Robo, Battalion Wars, Baten Kaitos, Soma Bringer, Geist, Pikmin, Advance Wars, Custom Robo, Excite Truck, Excitebots, Epic Yarn, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Music, Wii Play, Xenoblade, The Last Story, Flingsmash, Fluidity, Rhythm Heaven, Wonderful 101, X, *Fatal Frame*, Captain Rainbow, Pilot Wings, Measure Up, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Rhythm Hunter, and Face Raiders don't exist to Nintendo haters who like beating this rhetoric into the ground or the other long running franchises. They don't like contradictions
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ISNeko  +   1069d ago
Am I the only one who wants some brand new Star Fox stuff?
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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1069d ago
A new Star Fox game would be great-

I just hope Retro is not working on it. Unless they are big enough, now, to have multiple projects.

I really just want them to create a "cORE"-Bait game. Nintendo would do well to make an exclusive FPS or Open World. Even if it is based off of Samus.

I also want a new MP:Hunters.
CrescentFang  +   1069d ago
A successful IP is one that can keep churning sales even after 20+ years... Making new IPs isn't everything if you can only profit from it for a few years. Though the old IPs could potentially bore some people (though Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc. sales say otherwise)
Hm, so when they make a new gameplay style, it would be more fun to make a brand new character and a world to go along with it, imo. Nintendo is good at that stuff. I like their existing IPs, but they also don't take advantage of all the ones they own, let alone make new ones.
As long as sales are high for their old IPs, I don't think Nintendo is willing to let Miyamoto or anyone make a new series just yet... He's hoping they do though...
_QQ_  +   1069d ago
I agree with miyamoto, i would rather have mario in a race kart, an rpg, a 2D platformer,a 3D platformer, and a fighting game than have a new ip about shooting aliens, a new ip about shooting terrorists,a new ip about shooting zombies, and a new ip about shooting alien zombies.
TheDivine  +   1069d ago
What about alien zombies who are... wait for it.... TERRORISTS!!!


I personally like the Mario in every genre. It's fun and works because he's so beloved and he's so beloved because of them doing this very thing. It's very chicken or the egg but your right, Mario Kart and sports games, RPGs exc are awesome. It's not like they only do those things. They have more ip's and different genres than anyone else. From rts, Srpg, jrpg, arcade shooters, space shooters, submarine simulator lol, sports, racing, platforming, puzzle games, hell there's many genres known simply as their games like Zelda and Mario Kart. These genres are synonymous with their titles for a reason. Top of the class for sure.

I personally loved their recent games which are a mix of old and new. Here's a sample...

The Last Story
Skyward Sword
Kid Icarus Uprising
Fire Emblem Awakening
Mario Kart 7
Mario 3d Land
Metroid Other M
Radiant Dawn
Paper Mario Sticker Star
And many many others from the past couple of years. There's also some big games coming like Luigis Mansion, SMT x Fire Emblem, Xenoblade 2, Pikmin 3, Bayonetta 2, and many many more. I don't see the problem of releasing Mario in many genres if they also have many more titles and original ip's, new gameplay ideas, ways to play, and the quality doesn't suffer. Basically the people complaining of Mario are the same who preordered the 6th GOW, 10th COD, Age of Empires, Tomb Raider, beg for FFvs13 (the gosh gotta be 20th title excluding remakes), and will buy every AC for the next 5 years every year. Who cares if the game is fun and they have titles you want. I
madjedi  +   1069d ago
Hence why nes/snes(alot of new ips) nintendo was so much better than post 64 nintendo(very few).

" new ip about shooting aliens, a new ip about shooting terrorists,a new ip about shooting zombies, and a new ip about shooting alien zombies."

Funny that is probably more new ips than nintendo will push out this gen. Typical useless nintendo fanboy reply. I already played those nintendo games between the nes to n64 era many times, try something new for a change.

All that money and they can't take some fucking chances with games. Nope lets play it safe and not try anything exciting.
Thepcz  +   1069d ago
change with the times or get left behind
nintendo need to make new ips. everyone on earth who lives outside of a cave is familiar with mario. why must we be saturated with mario games?

we know mario, we know his story, we know his friends, we know his freaking music. mario has been explored. no, lets be honest, mario has been exhausted.

what we need is new ips.

i think its a cop out for nintendo, because it means they dont have to take risks, they dont have to use any creativity when it comes to making characters, their worlds and stories. they simply use ones already established 20 odd years ago.

and those characters are old. they are characters made for an 80s audience. a completely different generation. its freaking 2013 now. the world is different. players are different. we need new characters and stories.

nintendo also doesnt seem to acknowledge the people who played the original mario games, are now in their 30s+. mario just doesnt cut it for all of us.

nintendo are losing out on a huge market by only making 'cute' games with cute characters. how about making games with more mature themes. not just 'the princess has baked a cake for mario but was kidnapped'
lilbroRx  +   1069d ago
They have 4 new I.Ps announced for the Wii U already and there best selling games on the Wii were new I.P.(Wii Sports and Wii Fit).

Can we please let this ridiculous rhetoric die? It has never been true. Nintendo brings out multiple new I.P.s every singl year. People just ignore them or pretend they don't exist.
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Thepcz  +   1069d ago
lol you sight wii sport and wiifit as examples? both featured literally faceless characters. they were functional at best. name a charcter in wiisort/fit. thought not

name the new games, i have almost every major AAA game for wii, and to my recollection, none from nintendo were new ips

the only one i can remember was 'disaster'. and i disnt buy that because again, it was a game with a faceless character in a cliche story done 1000 time. and it wasnt even received well by critics.

plus, miyamoto admitted they dont make new ips, so, whos talking rhetoric?

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