The most visually striking games of this generation

GamesRadar - The current console generation is winding down, making this the perfect time to reflect on the history of 360, PS3, and Wii. Each expanded gaming in their own way, but it seems like many will remember the HD visuals of this era as an excessively sandy, rock-strewn brown and yellow expanse. But that narrow viewpoint ignores many gorgeous games that never settled for such a limited color palette.

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theWB272025d ago

In Uncharted 2 with the blue flame in the cavern. I thought that was some of the best lighting, use of reflection and the haunting blue hue it had. Not lying, I thanked Naughty Dog for that scene when it happened.

guitarded772025d ago (Edited 2025d ago )

This list is crap... here are a few I thought were "visually striking".

Uncharted (desert in 3 was insane)
God of War 3
Child of Eden
Super Mario Galaxy
Gran Turismo
Forza Series
Heavy Rain
Halo 4
Battlefield 3
Gears (gritty environment)
Final Fantasy XIII (I didn't care for the game, but it was pretty)
Mad World

Those are just some off the top of my head.

Blastoise2025d ago

Journey should really be on the list in my opinion.

Rayman Origins is worthy of a shout out to, as is Valkyria Chronicles.

I just thought of something...Where the heck is Ni No Kuni?!

guitarded772025d ago

I was thinking of Rayman Origins too. I've been playing it on Vita all week, and have played it on console too. The environments for a 2D game are amazing... Trine is another 2D series with great visual atmosphere.

edenianrain2025d ago

You can also add prince of Persia 08, and infamous 2

imXify2025d ago

The blue color grading on it is awful !

strickers2025d ago

Mario Galaxy can fuck off any visuals list , or best games for that matter. Hugely over rated. Visuals wouldn't make a top 100 for the Gen. Hate Mario art design. Ugly.