Play The Last of Us Demo In May

People who bought God of War: Ascension were supposed to get early access to play The Last of Us demo. The date was estimated to be around April 2013.

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Dlacy13g1869d ago

Am I the only one thinking that Sony is handling this whole demo business rather poorly for the Last of Us?

BanBrother1869d ago

Yes and no.
Poorly, because we all wanted it now, but very smart. The Last Of Us needs to stay relevant during the whole E3 thing, so the demo being released around there will ensure some media attention prior to release, because, let's face it, we will all be playing it E3 or no.

The pre-orders for TLOU are amazing seeing as it is a new IP, and with the demo being released that closely to its launch, the pre-orders will sky-rocket.

jetlian1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

sony is making mistakes on tlou all around. 1st gowa isn't getting the greatest of reviews but having a demo would raise its value.

2nd having the demo and the game come out near e3 is stupid. Everyone is looking towards the future of gaming aka ps4/next box.

3rd look at infamous 2 and e3! we know what happened there, game sold like crap.

Sony needs to release the game in may and add MP later. Most reviews are gonna slam its MP anyway.

If you disagree and think MP will be good how is it we're 3 months away from release with no info on it. Its going to suck and knowing the recent game journalist they will slam in in reviews over a bad mp.

Mark my words

kingmushroom1869d ago

who gives a shit about reviews

Heavenly King1869d ago

@kingmushroom: I agree, I dont care about reviews either.

If people have played and seen all those gameplay videos and trailers of GOW:A. They know the game will be absolutely stellar, there is no need for reviews.

I have seen some playthroughs videos in youtube and they are insane!

I really cant wait to play it. 3 DAYS LEFT!!

P_Bomb1869d ago


infamous 2 was actually the top selling U.S SKU during the month of E3 (aka June)

Looking "towards the future" doesn't mean people are gonna stop playing games in the present. God of War 2 and Okami still dropped on PS2 after the PS3 launch.

jetlian1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

1st june isnt known for major games and 2nd

so 370k and under duke nukum and la noire thanks =)

reviews dont matter to guys like us but in order for sequels it does need sales. Good review will help bring in casuals

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Crazyglues1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )


Are you serious - May 31st... the game comes out June 14th.. WTF? Naughty Dog...! why would they even put playable demo included on God Of War - This feels like I just got hosed Tommy -

You gotta be kidding me... Wow - Very disappointed in Naughty Dog - I would never expect them to be associated with lame ass marketing tricks like this...

I was so excited to play this - I thought it would be a demo we could check out the game early, now it looks more like a gimmick just throw together to get sales for God of War...

This sucks..

fredrikpedersen1869d ago

I think you're very naive if you think ND themselves are in charge of this.

BrianC62341869d ago

I don't think Sony needs a marketing trick to sell a God of War game. It doesn't make sense to include it in the game if we can't play it until May 31st though. Should just put it on PSN for everyone to play instead.

Crazyglues1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

@ BrianC6234

Yeah I think that's exactly what will happen.. it will just be a demo everyone can get, which just makes it even worst that it was tacked on to GOW as a playable demo...

-But I have clam down.. LoL -had a cup of coffee and Now I'm just back excited to play God Of War...

Still disappointed about the demo but what can we really do..

- I am disappointed in Sony's Marketing Team -

finbars751869d ago

I agree, what horseshit.So basically those who didnt preorder GOW will get the demo as well as we all know this will happen.So to me that is miss handling things poorley and Sony really should not have included it in the GOW preorders now.Its very dissapointing in a gamers perspective.

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r211869d ago

Someone already got to try the Boston demo. Apparently, it does not disappoint. Here's the link:

If you've got any questions that havent been answered, go right in. The demo is so far away D:

DigitalRaptor1869d ago

Wow. yep Sony have a winner on their hands. Once people get their hands on that demo, the hype level will be (dare i say it) over 9000! :)

GuyThatPlaysGames1869d ago

It's not cool to say "over 9,000" anymore. js

r211869d ago

Indeed they do. Also its a given with a ND game, a top notch game is always expected ;D Cant wait for TLOU!

Knight_Crawler1869d ago

Over 9000...have not hesrd that since I was eight.

Lets bring back Cowabonga since we are going retro.

Genuine-User1869d ago

The demo was always set for a later date. So what if it's in end of May?
People still get to play a chapter of this game 2 weeks before the game is released.

xPhearR3dx1869d ago

Because it was advertised as early access if you bought God of War. People bought God of War (I guarantee some people bought the game just to get the demo) then once purchased, they delayed the demo until 2 weeks before launch.

Sony used a shitty sales tactic to boost sales (Why I don't know, God of War is well established IP)by adding a demo, then delayed it. Totally screwed their fans over.

Genuine-User1869d ago

I'm sorry but it wasn't advertised as early access, Sony never announced a date. They even confirmed at the initial announcement of the demo that it would be available at a later date. Anyone that paid £40 just to get the demo deserve the wait.

Our expectations can be wrong. We can't hold companies like Sony responsible for expecting something that wasn't confirmed.

nevin11869d ago

"I don't think Sony needs a marketing trick to sell a God of War game"

Could be the other way around. alot of gow fans may never heard or had no interest in last of us.

Thatguy-3101869d ago

That's what it is. Since its a new IP sony wants to attach it to a well known franchise. Just like when they attached the beta for uncharted 2 on Infamous when it came out. I'm kind of bummed out though because I thought I would be playing the demo from the get go after purchasing ascension. I mean if it was going to be a long wait they might have just released it on psn.

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