Revisiting Reckoning: How Kingdoms of Amalur got the single-player MMORPG right

Joystiq - Recently, I decided to play Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in remembrance of its one-year anniversary this past February, knowing I'd have to contend with two things that dominated discussion about the game: the politics and failures behind the 38 Studios disaster and dealing with a game I had been warned was filled with fantasy nonsense names and detailed lore – a model of storytelling I find quite annoying.

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phantomexe2020d ago

i would love to have seen a second game but heck we dont even know who owns the ip now. I read someone EA puchased it but who knows.

porkChop2020d ago

The IP is owned by the Rhode Island government. I think I remember something about them holding an upcoming auction for the games, assets, and stuff from 38 Studios. I really hope someone buys Project Copernicus, the art in that game was beautiful. Everything had such a grand feeling to it.

fOrlOnhOpe572020d ago

Personally, I loved this game and put a few hundred hours of engrossing and enjoyable playing time into it.
A second game would have been great and, I believe, was well on the way to completion before the companies (38studios and Big Huge Games) went under. Great shame.

Mutant-Spud2020d ago

I liked KOA it but it's one fault is that it's way too easy even on the higher difficulty.

dasbeer882020d ago

Kingdoms of Amalur is the game...which Fable III should've been in the first place.

NukaCola2020d ago

Kingdoms of Amular is one of the best games I have ever played and it's a shame that this IP is lost somewhere. It's a 10/10 in my book and does so much right and fresh for the RPG. Took the best of a lot in the genre and tuned it into a beautiful and epic adventure.

Tetsujin2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

"The stories and characters and quests aren't a bunch of random fantasy nonsense, but instead do what they're supposed to do: they make the world feel huge and lived-in." (From the article)

That was one big selling point in me purchasing it back during the summer of 2012; in other games I hated random fetch-quests, and over time they had no purpose towards the world of the game. Skyrim is also good with keeping quests more consistent instead of random BS that serves no purpose outside annoying players.

aPerson2020d ago

I'll admit - Reckoning was full of fetch quests, but unlike most other RPGs, they were actually a lot of fun to do. I found myself searching through every building in the game looking for potential new quests.

I really hope a sequel is made at some point. It would be unfortunate for this fantastic IP to go to waste.

mav8052020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

The "fantasy nonsense names and detailed lore" is one of the best aspects of games like Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect and part of what makes them so great.