Halo 5 - What we want and what we know

GamesRadar - Yeah, we know Halo 4 is still fresh in the minds of gamers everywhere--it’s barely been four months since Master Chief’s latest adventure, after all--but we can’t help but think about the next installment. Because, well, we know there's going to be one.

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Mecca41595d ago

Halo 5, lol what a crock of shit ,

DonFreezer1594d ago

Killzone 4, lol what acrock of shit ,

Relientk771594d ago

I see wat u did there lol

SleazyChimp1595d ago

These are all pretty good points, especially fire fight mode. It was sorely missed in Halo 4. I also never understood why the multiplayer always had to be spartan vs spartan. I would like to see huge battles like in Battlefield with Spartans vs Covenant vs Forerunners. With 72 players (3 24 person teams) able to choose their race and battle it out with custom soldiers, weapons, and vehicles. You could still have the infinity battles as fan service, but it would be nice to see 343 up the ante.

Summons751595d ago

Eh firefight was good but after 2 games it got really stale. Not having it in 4 was a nice fresh breath. This also could be coming from a halo CE days but I likes the spartan vs spartan only. In 4 canonically they were training and also the Covenet is gone. I dunno, I never liked playing as an elite though having them back in multiplayer could be nice. I'm more interested where they go with the story now.

Relientk771595d ago

I hope Halo 5 has the Swat mode, really like that one for multiplayer

BXbomber1595d ago

really...halo...sigh don't u xbox gamers wish ms can have other exclusives other than gears and halo and i'm not trying to troll or be a fanboy i'm being dead ass with ya

Delt41595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

*gears, halo, forza, alan wake, fable, crackdown and lost odyssey.

I wasn't a fan of Halo 4. It was good just not what I was expecting. Just throwing down other exclusives that you had missed

lizard812881595d ago

Hey Halo 5, thats about the age of the Halo gamers...

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