Gamesradar- MLB 2K13 Review

GR:It’s sad to watch a once-proud franchise struggle. In years past, the MLB 2K series was a hallmark of progress, featuring crisp visuals and depth of gameplay that seemed to foreshadow consistent greatness. Quite the opposite has happened, however: The latest from 2K Sports is a forlorn title trapped in an impossible situation. As the embodiment of the most insulting term that can be hurled in this genre--“roster update”--MLB 2K13 is also the most disappointing console sports game in recent memory.

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NYC_Gamer1813d ago

2K should just scrap MLB since they can't produce quality anymore

Number-Nine1813d ago

I wonder why Microsoft doesn't produce a first party baseball simulator.

Yo Mama1813d ago (Edited 1813d ago )

Because Sony has the rights to produce the only first party MLB licensed game for the forseeable future, effectively, denying Microsoft the ability to make one. Unlike how EA has a monopoly with NFL rights, at least Sony configured their deal with MLB to allow third party developers to be able to make MLB games for any console. Sony cares about the gamers, not so much about Microsoft.

Number-Nine1813d ago

They do? I wasn't aware then.

I knew 2K owned third party rights but didn't know Sony owned first party rights.

SoapShoes1813d ago

Because they don't have a studio set up for that? Also the licensing contracts as stated above.

Number-Nine1813d ago

during the entire time 2k had the third party license microsoft could have set something up.

and are we sure sony owns the 1st party rights?...because i have never heard of that.