Starcraft II Will Not Become Free-To-Play | StarCraft II will not be free-to-play. Will this deter other developers from making the switch? I sure hope so.

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TheGameHuntah1987d ago

Blizzard was stupid enough for losing DOTA, I'm sure is not going to screw up with one of the only games that sells millions.
Only Warcraft and Starcraft II and keeping Blizzard alive.

fermcr1987d ago

"Only Warcraft and Starcraft II and keeping Blizzard alive"

Only !!!!... that's quite a only !!!

Just World of Warcraft makes millions and millions every month.

They have other IP's that make quite a lot of €€€. Warcraft (RTS), Diablo, StarCraft among other older IP's (that they can remake).

NiteX1987d ago

You do realize Diablo 3 already sold over 12 million right?

ThanatosDMC1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Too bad they lost a lot of future customers because of their Diablo 3 screw up too. Not to mention WoW is going down the drain slowly.

badz1491987d ago

And in South Korea, it's even like a religion to those pro gamers, a sport. The same can't be said for other games or in this case, other RTS. So, just because SC2 isn't becoming F2P any time soon, shouldn't be the sole reason others not embracing the F2P model. The others may pose a more realistic competition to the dominance of SC2 if they go F2P

Canary1987d ago

eSports has ruined Starcraft (for me).

I loved the original game because A) they were fun, and B) had really interesting stories.

SC2 is still fun, but the writing is awful. It's really pathetic how transparent Blizzard is with the artificiality of dividing a single game into thirds. The plot of SC(1/3)2 was to turn Kerrigan human; the plot of SC(2/3)2 is to turn Kerrigan (more?) Zerg. This means that the end of HotS will put things back the way they were at the beginning of WoL (with only the addition of moronic Warcraft-esque magic & prophecy).

Maybe by the time SC(3/3)2 rolls around we'll finally see a sequel to Brood War... but after WoL, goddamn are my expectations low.

aliengmr1987d ago

Assuming you're alive when they release the 3rd expansion.

Kos-Mos1987d ago

Haha. @Aliengmr made me laugh!

ThanatosDMC1987d ago

It's even worst in HotS. The units have become ridiculous.